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Alex Jones Show: Sunday (8-24-14) Full Show

On this live, worldwide Sunday, August 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers a massive amount of breaking news from across the globe. The White House is ramping up its rhetoric against Russia as tensions between East and West continue to escalate over the situation in Ukraine. The CIA-trained Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is quickly gaining territory in the destabilized Middle East and the UK announced today that British Special Forces are present in Iraq. In domestic news, a Democratic State Representative from Iowa said the U.S. should give citizenship to illegals or otherwise they will become terrorists. This is simply the latest in a series of bizarre propaganda used to promote the expansion of the Democratic voting base. Alex also takes your calls to hear your take on today's broadcast.

Mark Passio -- New Age Pacification vs. Self-Preservation

Red Ice Radio - Mark Passio - Hour 1 - New Age Pacification vs. Self-Preservation

 Mark Passio is an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies. Last time Mark was on the program, we discussed New Age deception and the faults and fallacies of this pacifying religion. In this follow up program, we’ll discuss further how New Age belief has been used to quell healthy opposition and hold back rage in response to our subjugation. This ideology is highly useful for globalist elites who go unchecked. Mark also explains the application of self-defense (violence) and healthy, natural responses to the agenda of enslavement. When will good men and women organize and do something about it? In the second hour, we’ll discuss the predicament of our times and explain how the new age, coupled with other recent political inventions and social constructs has been created to plague the west, such as political correctness. Later, we talk about how to fight a multiple front warfare and how to infiltrate the system on all levels. Additionally, Mark speaks about what it really means to become “enlightened.” The second hour ends asking, “What is real spirituality?”

ALERT! First British EBOLA VICTIM Lands In London For Treatment

Video of the C17 carrying the first British Ebola victim landing in London. Listen closely to the report and how they mention on multiple occasions that the patient known as william "isnt seriously ill". If thats the case why all the fuss? LISTEN TO THE MEDIA TRYING TO MAKE A PLANE LANDING SOUND AS DRAMATIC AND SCARY AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN TO HELP CONVINCE PEOPLE THIS IS A MAJOR THREAT TO US ALL - HE ISNT THAT ILL AND IF ITS THAT BIG A RISK WHY BRING HIM HOME IN THE FIRST PLACE? HUH?

8 Reasons You Could See Global Economic Collapse!

Collapse of the financial system is guaranteed at this point. The Money GPS subscribers know this information but many of our friends and family are unaware. Once we have the facts, we can inform them by sharing this information. HYPERINFLATION is the most likely scenario at this point. Then you need to add on top the multitude of reasons why the US dollar will fall.
 Be prepared.

Is U.S. Hyperinflation Imminent? Russia and China Join Forces to Kill the U.S. Dollar The 'Colder War' And The End Of The Petrodollar US seeks nuclear war with Russia, China: Pundit Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown Massive GMO crop failure in Philippines Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)

Debunking de la décapitation de James Foley

Cette vidéo fait le point sur les nombreuses incohérences de la vidéos de la décapitation du journaliste James Foley qui laissent place aux doutes et aux spéculations quand aux réelles motivations de cette prétendue exécution. Nous rajouterons qu’il n’est pas dans l’intérêt des takfiris, à moins d’être suicidaires, de monter les américains contre leur mouvement, alors que celui ci est soutenu et financé par les américains.

Lacy Hunt : The World Economy's Terminal Case of Debt Sclerosis

Today, the world economy is in uncharted territory. Never before has the developed world carried this much debt. Never before have the central banks of those same countries expanded their balance sheets so much. Never before has so much sovereign debt been outright monetized. Never before have major financial institutions been officially designated as “too big to fail” and thereby been granted special license to assume gigantic risks. Dr. Lacy Hunt, economist and current executive vice president of Hoisington Investment Management Company, expects the macroeconomic situation to get worse from here.


ISIS Sleeper cells in U.S are as dubious as Al Ciada Cells.Maybe battery cells:) .These are most likely actors awaiting orders.America needs an enemy so they can prove that they are a "sovereign and peaceful nation" .Its why they invented this whole Alien nonsense in the first place. Americans ,can you smell the freedom now?

A former CIA officer said Thursday he has no doubt Islamic State (ISIS) sleeper cells are already planted on U.S. soil.

An unnamed U.S. intelligence official told CNN there’s already an indication of ISIS sleeper cells in Europe that could target U.S. embassies and other American interests.

But former CIA officer Bob Baer told the network ISIS is already on this side of the Atlantic.

“I have been told with no uncertainty there are ISIS sleeper cells in this country,” he said.

Though CNN said two U.S. officials had refuted the claim, they’re worried ISIS militants with passports might travel to the United States to launch attacks on American soil, CNN reported.

One ISIS fighter already has hinted as much.

In several telephone conversations with a Reuters reporter over the past few months, Islamic State fighters suggest their leader, Iraqi Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is planning something for the West – and that attacks could take place through sleeper cells in both Europe and the United States.

“The West are idiots and fools,” one fighter taunted, according to Reuters. “They think we are waiting for them to give us visas to go and attack them or that we will attack with our beards or even Islamic outfits. The Islamic State, formerly ISIS, has abducted more Westerners. The latest captives include two Italian women and a Japanese national. They are reporters, photographers and aid workers.

Over the past six months Islamic jihadists in Syria have taken at least ten hostages from Western countries, including Spain, Denmark and France. The hostages were traded for ransom, but in the wake of the alleged execution of journalist James Foley the latest captives may suffer a more gruesome fate as the propaganda war ramps up ahead of a U.S. invasion of Syria. Indonesian police have been put on alert at the Borobudur Temple after a threat against the world’s biggest Buddhist temple and UNESCO World heritage Site was made on Facebook by Islamic State supporters.

The Obama administration announced Friday it plans to conduct military operations inside Syria. Benjamin J. Rhodes, a top Obama national security adviser, said the United States will “do what is necessary” in Syria following the unverified murder of freelance photojournalist James Foley. During a CNN interview last night in Ferguson, Missouri a protester held up a sign declaring “ISIS is here.”

Emboldened by the alleged murder of American journalist James Foley, threats by the terror group ISIS against the United States have reached fever pitch.

But the ramped-up rhetoric isn’t affecting one former US marine, who is reminding the Islamic extremists that America is filled with 21.2 million “pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from government stabbing them in the backs.”

The Facebook post, penned by Iraq war veteran Nick Powers, has gone viral under the hashtag #AmessageFromtheUStoISIS, along with a photo of marines posing around a sign that reads, “72 virgin dating service apply here.” You Do Realize that the U.S. Funded and Trained ISIS, Right? assad

Breaking Earthquake 5.1 Iceland At Bardarbunga Volcano

Iceland lowered its aviation alert level to orange from red Sunday, saying there was no sign of an imminent eruption at the Bardarbunga volcano. And scientists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office said their announcement Saturday that the volcano had experienced a subglacial eruption was wrong. But the office cautioned in a statement that seismic activity at the volcano, which has been hit by thousands of earthquakes over the past week, was not slowing, and an eruption remained a possibility


An officer involved in policing Ferguson protests has been relieved from his patrol duties after video footage emerged of him describing black people as “little perverts” and Barack Obama as “that illegal alien claiming to be president”. the US military veteran is seen addressing a St. Louis chapter of the Oath Keepers, a conservative group of former servicemen, where he also boasted of previous killings.

He told the audience: “I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot, and if I need to I'll kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed, don't show up in front of me.

“I’m into diversity – I kill everybody”.

Page is the same officer who pushed and threatened to arrest CNN journalist Don Lemon while he was reporting live from protests in Ferguson over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown. His speech quotes the declaration of independence’s statement that “all men are created equal”. He says: “That does not mean affirmative action. It means we’re all equal … God does not respect persons so we have no business passing hate crime laws. None. Because we're setting aside a group of people special."

Holding a copy of the Bible, he tells the audience: “This here is the foundation for this [the declaration of independence]. You can’t separate them. I don’t know what them black little perverts don’t understand down there, but they need me to talk to them. I’ll square them away for you.” "new world order" nwo operation exposed elite agenda truth military police collapse u.s. usa "united states" america event events future christian religion god world humanity time man freedom liberty camp "american dream" fight constitution children youth generation fight battle

Page also made disparaging remarks about Muslims, claiming “they will kill you” and expressed the view that the United States was on the verge of collapse.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar has apologised for the officer's “bizarre” remarks. In a statement, he said that while Page "has never been involved in an officer-involved shooting, the statements made about killing are unacceptable and not what we are about as a department".

Two days earlier, another St. Louis-area policeman, an officer from the town of St. Ann, was suspended indefinitely for pointing a semi-automatic assault rifle at a peaceful demonstrator and yelling obscenities.

The President of the Oath Keepers’ St Louis chapter told CNN Page was a guest speaker and not an affiliated member of the group.

The organisation said: "The statements made by Sargent Major Dan Page do not reflect the opinions of our local Oath Keeper Chapter, nor the national organization.

"Dan Page, speaking to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how they plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order."
Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order
"People are anxious.... the old order isn’t holding" “People are anxious. Now, some of that has to do with some big challenges overseas,” said Obama, adding, “But whether people see what’s happening in Ukraine, and Russia’s aggression towards its neighbors in the manner in which it’s financing and arming separatists; to what’s happened in Syria … to the failure in Iraq for Sunni and Shia and Kurd to compromise … to what’s happening in Israel and Gaza….” Writing for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.Top diplomat Christopher R. Hill says that Russia’s response to the Ukraine crisis means that Moscow has betrayed the “new world order” it has been a part of for the last 25 years.

Generation Jobless -- Young & Unemployed

Youth unemployment sits at nearly twice the national rate for the overall labour market in Canada. The financial crisis of 2008 wiped out all the youth employment gains that had been made since 2002. The Agenda examines the social and economic consequences of jobless youth.

Baby boomers, the greediest generation control the companies and they ship our jobs to china. They rode a wave of rising wages and home prices for decades. The rang up 16 trillion in debt we have to pay. They abused every drug on earth and gave us feminism which destroyed the family. They ruined American and cashed out on the backs of gen x and gen y. Now these same idiots who got good jobs with no college degree call young people lazy for not slaving for min wage with a degree

Make Money, Not War -- Richard Branson

Russia and the West are locked into geopolitical tit for tat over Ukraine, and with both sides escalating the sanctions game, businesses are suffering. But can businessmen mediate between political leaders to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict? And how helpful are sanctions in achieving that goal? Oksana is joined by Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, to negotiate these issues.

The Powers Behind The Islamic State

Investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed gives specific examples of how Saudi, Qatari, and American interests have supported the group formerly known as ISIS, and what the global community can do now to reign them in

People flee to Oregon in search of water ahead of SHTF

 Geo engineering he Criminal Cabal. This is all to wipe out the Food Supply. Population Reduction. You control the food and water you control the people.

My advice is if you intend to hunker down rather than bug out, make sure you have a rainwater catchment. You can survive for weeks without food but without water, especially in hot climes, you're dead in 2 to 3 days...

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