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Gilad Atzmon: The New Left (Speech in Austin Texas) The Wandering Who? Jewish Identity Politics

Gilad Atzmon Speech in Austin, Texas: The New Left. Jewish Identity Politics, The Wandering Who? The new Left, The Frankfurt School, ID politics, the collapse of Working Class politics, the end of production and the meltdown of dissent. An expose of the manner in which Jewish intelligentsia destroyed the Working Class (by mistake)... The talk was given at Brave New Books, Austin, Texas, 23 Feb 2014

Stocks Rise Then Fall On President Obama's New RED LINE Against Russia. By Gregory Mannarino

Expect A Rally In Stocks Now Through The Rest Of August. Capitalize On It! Now is the time to be getting long equities.. If you follow my work you also know that I called this recent bottom in the market with near pinpoint accuracy while the pundits on the financial channels were calling for a major market correction. (See my previous posts here on my Seeking Alpha Instablog and my business day YouTube MarketReport). Im here to tell you that barring some outlying geopolitical event, you can expect equities to move higher and I want us all to capitalize on it!

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday August 11 2014: Pastor Chuck Baldwin

On this Monday, August 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers a variety of major news, including the fatal police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri, this past weekend which led to mass rioting in the city. One convenience store in particular was set ablaze after it was completely looted. In other news, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling for the abolishment of Common Core, Obamacare and the IRS. Radio broadcaster and pastor Chuck Baldwin joins the show to explain how independent, unincorporated churches are rising up to spread the ideas of liberty as an alternative to establishment churches muzzled by state incorporation and the 501c3 government tax-status. Nationally syndicated radio host and legal analyst Lionel also joins the show to discuss the latest economic and geopolitical news facing the nation.

EBOLA EMERGENCY: Situation Dire As Virus Continues To Spread & Deaths Go Unreported

The World Health Organization declares the spread of Ebola in West Africa an international health emergency.
If Ebola was airborne and about to wipe out 90% of the global population, do you think your government would tell you?
This may just be the harbinger and threat that the Obama administration and the elites are looking for to launch the much anticipated martial law in the US and force the masses to take poisonous vaccinations as part the Vatican's agenda of depopulating the world.

End-Time Biblical signs and beginning of sorrows: July – August 2014

In July and early part of August 2014, we also witnessed extreme weather events and climate changes including massive earthquakes, signs in the sun and the moon, sinkholes, cloud outbursts (massive rainfalls), hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons and massive deaths of animals were witnessed around the world.

An Economic Crisis is Coming - Bitcoin is a House Built on Quicksand!

I started a script with the title, 'Bitcoin is Certain to Rise in Value', but the more I looked into it, the more quicksand I found Bitcoin isn't going anywhere, if the government continues spying, collecting private information, emails, passwords and seizing wealth from citizens They are today, the 'Great White Shark' and must be divorced, through secession They can take everything we have and I am compelled to tell everyone, with this video

Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Found 15 Miles From Tokyo Japan
Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo suburbs — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres transported over 170 km — Structural materials from the nuclear reactors also present
Japan Professor: Outbreak of cancer is now underway in Fukushima children; Clear evidence of an epidemic — All of Japan is still being exposed to nuclear radiation — Gov’t Official: It will be ‘disastrous’ if we have to conclude there’s an actual increase in thyroid cancer from Fukushima

Adrian Salbuchi -- FALSE FLAGS: Past, Present and Future

Adrian Salbuchi and Enrique Romero of the Second Republic Project (Argentina) do a special English language edition of the International News section of "Segunda Rep├║blica" (Second Republic) on Channel TLV1 from Buenos Aires Argentina. They address False Flag attacks, past, present and future:
(01:35) Pres. Obama: a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan???
(02:55) The Nature of False Flag Attacks
(03:45) Historical Perspectives
(07:01) Tell-tale signs BEFORE False Flag attacks take place...
(10:00) Will a Mega-False Flag event be used to trigger World War?
(10:54) Case Study I: 7th July 2005 London Transport attack... (Psy-War)
(23:11) Case Study II: False Flag Attacks in Argentina: Israeli Embassy (1992) and AMIA-DAIA (1994)
(25:49) The "strange case" of the assassination of Israel PM Yzahk Rabin in 1995...
(27:13) Conclusions. 4th August marks 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I.
(32:00) The time has come for all peoples to take our countries back!!

Here's to the Warmongers | Criminals, Liars and Psychopaths

In the style of the infamous Apple "Here's to the Crazy One's" advertisements, we pay special tribute to the warmongers, criminals and liars who have exploited and destroyed the world, enslaving humanity for their own personal gain.

Featuring: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Bill O'Reilly, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Mitt Romney, Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon, Vladimir Putin and more!

Here’s to the warmongers. The criminals. The liars. The psychopaths. The wolves in sheep’s clothing. The ones who have no integrity. They’re not fond of responsibility. And they have no respect for your rights.

You can vote for them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing that you can’t do, is ignore them. Because they have the guys with the guns…and they can have you thrown in a cage.

While some may see them as responsible leaders, we see evil. Because the ones who are insane enough to think that they can rule the world, are always the ones who do.

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