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False Flag Warning: U.S. Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks From Terrorists

Argentina default is inevitable, nobody shows up after Judge says to work it out. Euro-zone confidence is declining. National Retail Federation has lowered expectations for the rest of the year.IMF cuts outlook. The borders are wide open and Senator Cruz invites Senator Reid to see for himself. Obama is allowing terrorists into the country as long as they don't pose a threat to the US. Japan is building more warships. Air force developing satellite to spy on other satellites. A new report is out and it says the Islamic State will be using cyber attacks to commit terror. Be prepare for a false flag.

Coming Soon - Revelation's Second Seal Iran War

Revelation's Second Seal War is the next biblical prophecy to be fulfilled in the Time of the End.

Alex Jones - Border Crisis Is Greatest Threat to America Since 1774

Alex takes calls from listeners on the topic of the greatest threat to our nation as it stands, immigration crisis, ukraine, isis and solutions to the issues at hand.

Israelis dancing around the bombs before bombing Gaza

This is disturbing are they not aware of what those bombs did?

Obama's Sanctions Against Russia Spark 'AK-47' Buying Frenzy In US!

Russian-made firearms are reportedly flying off the shelves of American gun stores after the United States Treasury Department announced sanctions last week against the maker of the popular AK-47 rifle.

Kalashnikov Concern, the company responsible for the eponymous gas-operated 7.62 caliber assault rifle known largely around the world as the AK-47, is among the latest Russian-owned entities to be blacklisted by the US government following last Wednesday’s announcement that several Russian banks, energy firms and weapons makers were being targeted by new sanctions.

Gun sellers now say the Obama administration’s decision to sanction the company has caused a spike in sale in the week since, with some retailers warning customers that their stocks have been decimated upon the addition of Kalashnikov Concern to the Treasury’s roster of blacklisted businesses.

PRIVACY in the DIGITAL WORLD - Does Online Privacy Still Exist?

Revelations about mounting government surveillance has people the world over looking for other, more private ways of going online.

Dr Katherine Albrecht, is a veteran privacy advocate and a spokesperson for StartPage, an alternative search engine...

The United States is setting a dangerous example for the world with its sweeping surveillance programmes, giving governments an excuse for mass censorship of online communications, Human Rights Watch said in its annual report Tuesday.

The National Security Agency's failure to respect privacy as a right will serve as a fig leaf for repressive states to force user data to stay within their own borders and crack down on free expression, New York-based HRW said.

China guards against another Tiananmen through surveillance
China's communist authorities use various Orwellian methods to put down dissent

On Tuesday the House of Representatives gutted the so-called USA Freedom Act designed to curb surveillance abuse by the NSA. No End in Sight for Surveillance Police State
Obama administration and Congress work to seriously weaken bill designed to rein in NSA

Will Bilderberg End Privacy As We Know It?
Privacy discussed by architects of modern surveillance state According to the Bilderberg Group's official press release, members discussed several key topics this weekend while also asking the question, "Does privacy exist?" Given the fact that the architects of the modern surveillance state were among the attendees, the real question is, will Bilderberg end privacy as we know it?

Keith Alexander -- Former Director of the National Security Agency
Keith Alexander, know for his motto "Collect it All," is arguably the most brazen director to reside over the National Security Agency. Overseeing some of the agency's most controversial domestic spying programs, Alexander's total disregard for the Fourth Amendment has been bemoaned by countless people within the intelligence community.

disregard for Constitutional law, Alexander repeatedly lied to media when confronted about his tenure with the agency. When asked if he had witnessed any illegal acts during an April interview with the Daily Show, Alexander strangely denied seeing any wrongdoing while admitting that multiple NSA employees had been engaged in unlawful activity.

top-secret documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the agency had "broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008." Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled them unconstitutional. Alexanders attendance at the Bilderberg Conference protecting their own privacy than that of the American people.

David Petraeus -- Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Facebook Publishes Private Messages In Privacy Breach
He's right. Top security experts say that mass spying interferes with U.S. counter-terror efforts (more here and here) and harms web security.

And it is totally destroying our privacy.
Clinton isn't the only former president to slam mass surveillance. Jimmy Carter said that NSA spying on Americans meant that "America has no functioning democracy". And Clinton's VP -- Al Gore -- says it constitutes "crimes against the Constitution of the United States".

Inside Gaza's Rubble: Rockets and Revenge

On Sunday, the Israeli military carried out the single deadliest offensive in its nearly three-week assault on Gaza, killing as many as 100 Palestinians in the neighborhood of Shejaiya. The operation — which many have called a massacre — has forced most of the remaining residents of Shejaiya to flee their homes and seek refuge in hospitals or UN schools because there is nowhere else for them to escape in the blockaded Gaza Strip.
VICE News was in Gaza to see the aftermath of the bombing of Shejaiya. We visited the central morgue in Gaza City, which holds the bodies of many who were killed. We then went to see the immediate aftermath of the shelling of yet another house in the city, and later saw another shelling site where residents were still trying to uncover family members in the rubble.

Paul Craig Roberts - The World is Heading into Nuclear War

David Knight conducts an extensive interview with Paul Craig Roberts an insider and global affairs expert. He covers in detail the tactics employed through the current conflict in Ukraine. He identifies the key players, their intentions and the likely outcomes of this deadly game.

The Undeclared War Against the People

America is at war and it is government that is waging this undeclared war! Maybe they want to keep it secret, but I intend to expose it and here is my video, naming 20 fronts in this war, right off the top of my head. Perhaps you have 20 fronts of your own, in this undeclared war against the people. This video is dedicated to Dorli Rainey, an 84 year old Seattle woman who lived under the Aldolf Hitler regime and understands what's happening to America. She was savagely and brutally attacked by Seattle police who pepper sprayed her and almost killed her. Not many who lived under Hitler are still alive, so we have to respect what she is doing by protesting the thefts by government and their criminal associates, which caused the 'Occupy Wallstreet' movement

Max Igan -- Gaza Genocide - Legalizing Ethnic Cleansing - Israeli War Crimes

The State of Israel is in the process of carrying out a brutal ethnic cleansing of the Gaza strip. Max Igan - Chris and Sheree Geo - Truth Frequency Radio. It’s Time To Do Your Part ! Pick Up the Phone, NOW! ....Please share please act!

New Snowden Leak - NSA Is Working with Saudi Arabia!

The National Security Agency has increasingly been working hand-in-glove with the repressive Saudi Arabian government since 2013, sharing intelligence and assisting with surveillance, according to the latest Snowden leak.

GAZA, The Untold Story with Max Igan

GAZA, The Untold Story with Max Igan
23 July 2014

Will 2000 Activists Go To Gaza To Be Human Shields? Max Igan

Original post:

Max Igan &
Having been to Gaza and witnessed the destruction first hand, it's a very emotional issue for anyone to explore, Israel has always had the upper hand because the west is often unwilling to put itself int he line of fire to protect Palestinians, which is why it's time to send a large contingent of international activists there to act as the world's largest human shield, but would Israel still bomb Gaza anyway regardless of the potential western casualties and backlash?

FreedomFest 2014 : Roman Welfare State - Stossel, Are We Rome?

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, hosts the Peter Schiff radio show, and discusses historical examples of the endless corruption, debt, degradation .

Reed: It's Not The Government's Business To redistribute Things Freedom Fest! - Roman Welfare State - Stossel, Are We Rome? ================================.

Reforming the Welfare State -- in Partnership with Illinois Policy Institute, moderated by Dr. Tom Palmer, Executive Vice President of Atlas Network. Featuri.

Presented at the Ludwig von Mises Institute's Fifteenth Anniversary Conference, The Twentieth Century: An Austrian Critique. Held in Atlanta, Georgia; 26-2.

Paul Craig Roberts -- Demonization Of Russia In Ukraine Unfounded

David invites author, American economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, to discuss the collapse of the Ukraine government and the U.S.'s continued attempt to manipulate Ukraine and Russian politics behind the scenes. Knight also analyzes the latest Obamacare meltdowns, and explains the motives behind the Justice Department's move to sue states wanting to impose voter ID laws

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