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Will Germany join BRICS, collapse dollar and quit EU ?

German sanctions on Russia back fire and sting the Fatherland

Germany absolutely Will join the BRICS Nations and France will be right behind them. The Germans have too much to loose and are sick of the U.S. Warmonger. The U.S. Stole All Germany's Gold and that in itself is an Act of War. The Germans and the BRICS want peace not War. All those that disagree will for one, be unprepared and two have their eyes pulled wide open to the corruption of the U.S. Govt. I only wish the absolute best for America,but a whole lotta people need to see into the future and come together. The Germans are protesting in the thousands every Monday against the "Federal"Reserve. The collapse will come. Only a matter of time.

Bill Holter -- New Brics Bank Is Big 17.Jul.14

Bill Holter says the new BRICS Bank is just another nail in the Dollar's coffin. It's half as big as the IMF and it gives countries the ability to escape the dollar and the jurisdiction of the US and the DOJ. The world has had enough of the US, witnessed by Germany's recent explusion of the CIA station chief. It's all beginning to rapidly unravel. Be prepared!

Dollar Going to Collapse, Debts Can Never Be Repaid -- Egon von Greyerz

Egon von Greyerz, who manages the largest gold vault in Europe, says, "We are specialists in wealth preservation. Our task is to analyze the risk and take all the measures possible to protect clients from the risk that we see, and the risks are bigger than ever in the world. . . . We are going to see a major financial disaster and possibly collapse. The world has been living above its means for a hundred years. It has gradually gotten worse as central banks have printed more and more money. . . . Just in the United States, in the last eight years, the debt has increased from $8 trillion to $17 trillion. That is an increase of $9 trillion in just eight years. That is more money than was created in the creation of the United States from over 200 years ago to when Bernanke took over. That is happening everywhere in the world. . . . The dollar is going to collapse, and all the other currencies will follow. It will then be revealed that all these debts can never be repaid.

A BITCOIN to be WORTH $500,000 - $1MILLION USD Within 10 Years Says BITCOIN WALLET CEO

One of the two exchanges, Shenzhen-based BTC38, is discontinuing bank transfers, saying it has received news of the central bank's intentions from banks and third-party platforms.
The other, Shanghai-based FXBTC, is ending deposits effectively now and suspending bank-card withdrawals on several banks urging it to cancel accounts as soon as possible. xapo wallet vault

The exchanges are less well-known than BTC China, Huobi and OKCoin — three of the most commonly used platforms by local investors — authorities' outlawing the digital currency completely.

Is bitcoin inching closer to widespread acceptance?
If you're trying to sell some bitcoins before the tax deadline — or just want to use them in your everyday life — it's becoming much easier. We're starting to get press release after press release about a new company that accepts the cryptocurrency. This week it included the Chicago Sun-Times, the first newspaper to jump on board, and the Sacramento Kings, which released a bitcoin-only store for its merchandise. Virtual currency even became its own section of goods on Ebay (although it's not an approved payment method yet). The largest company to come on board this week was the Square marketplace. Alleged Bitcoin Founder Did Classified Work For U.S. Military Newsweek writer asks if Satoshi Nakamoto is working on behalf of governmen

confidence in the currency's value. No business wants to accept bitcoin then immediately have the currency be worth $10 less a minute later. The products that are going to be more attractive to entrepreneurs are the ones that immediately convert bitcoin into whatever the businesses preferred tender is — at least until the market fluctuates less frequently. Although many Bitcoiners are hoping for more large retailers like TigerDirect and Overstock to adopt Bitcoin, it may have a negative impact on the BTC price as these retailers will most likely convert 90% of their coins to cash — putting additional selling pressure on Bitcoin.

While merchants are starting to trust the cryptocurrency, the bitcoin community is going to have to rely the consumers to start spending and storing their money in the cryptocurrency, and not just immediately cash out.

Buffett's comments and why he made them
Buffett said bitcoin is essentially an updated version of writing a check or sending someone a money order. In other words, it's simply a new, more efficient way of transmitting money. He's not discounting the usefulness of bitcoin to make payments and transfer money, just the intrinsic value it supposedly has as an investment.

Plans for eBay Bitcoin Exchanger
CEO of eBay, John Donahoe, has publicly expressed interest with the digital currency industry. There have also been plans for eBay to become more involved with currencies like bitcoin. "PayPal is building a digital wallet that can take multiple types of currency."

It was later discovered that eBay had filed a patent application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, back in July 2013, which had mentions of bitcoin. The patent speaks of an eBay bitcoin exchanger type of system, which can be used to accept any form of currency. singapore Flexcoin, which billed itself as a "Bitcoin bank," has shut down after the theft of 896 Bitcoins, which were worth roughly $622,000.

This is just one more instance of a Bitcoin company having to shutter its doors in recent weeks. Mt. Gox was certainly the loudest to go, even seeing protests in front of its Japan headquarters.
TSA after he opted out of going through a body scanner. The official reason for further interrogation, according to the screeners, was "We saw Bitcoin in your bag and need to check." For anyone living under a rock, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It does not exist in physical form. Saying you had seen bitcoin in a bag would be like saying you had seen email in a bag -- it makes no sense.
Bitcoin could get boost from Square and Stripe moves

False Flag Warning: U.S. Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks From Terrorists

Argentina default is inevitable, nobody shows up after Judge says to work it out. Euro-zone confidence is declining. National Retail Federation has lowered expectations for the rest of the year.IMF cuts outlook. The borders are wide open and Senator Cruz invites Senator Reid to see for himself. Obama is allowing terrorists into the country as long as they don't pose a threat to the US. Japan is building more warships. Air force developing satellite to spy on other satellites. A new report is out and it says the Islamic State will be using cyber attacks to commit terror. Be prepare for a false flag.

NWO and the United States: upcoming Economic Collapse and civil unrest

A new world order is coming following a triggered economic depression. Prepare yourselves for the greatest depression mankind has ever witnessed.

According to Bible prophecy, it is written in Revelation 6:6 - And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

A triggered global economic depression and martial law will happen soon and along with other triggered catastrophes, will lead to a series of moves by the Vatican, satan’s home, including the enforcement of its MARK – Sunday! Do NOT accept the mark of the beast or the enforcement of Sunday rest by the Vatican, which will oppose the Sabbath commandment. Those who do will pay a dear price.

As it is written in Revelation 14:9-10, And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

The Corporate-Controlled Mainstream Media and the Illusion of Choice

On today's podcast, Jerry Robinson names the handful of multinational corporations that control over 90% of all media consumed within the U.S.

Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (7-23-14) Michel Chossudovsky

On this Wednesday, July 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the Obama administration's flaky explanation for the downing of MH-17 and the U.S. government's fraudulent effort to pin the blame on Russia. Alex also revisits the border crisis as thousands of illegals continue to pour over the border, including an undetermined number of criminals and violent gang members who will ultimately pose a serious threat to America. On today's worldwide broadcast Alex talks with Michel Chossudovsky, an award-winning author, professor of economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, founder and director of the Center for Research on Globalization, and editor of the website. Alex and Mr. Chossudovsky talk about the downing of MH-17 and the effort to frame Russia and the separatists in Ukraine who are attempting to free themselves from the grasp of the quasi-fascist government installed in Kiev by the U.S. State Department.

Derivatives BUBBLE Will Cause Global Economic COLLAPSE!

 China's terrifying debt ratios poised to breeze past US levels
China's aggregate debt level has reached 251 per cent of GDP, as of June.
Price of Beef and Bacon Reach All-Time High
Billionaire Warns: Yellen Collapse 'Will Be Unlike Any Other'
"We have no right to be surprised by a severe and imminent stock market crash,"
Market 'Black Swan' Fear at Record High

The global financial COLLAPSE is beginning now with central bankers printing trillions and feeding it to the banking system. This is leaving the individual citizen to pick up the tab in the form of inflation. HYPERINFLATION will ultimately occur because of these policies.

Your money isn't safe in the hands of those who admit to creating a structure built and designed for the elite.

What are you waiting for?

What is Apocrypha? -- Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Join Ben and Matt as they explore the differences between various versions of the Bible. Why do some contain books removed from others?Here are the facts. Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization.Here's where it gets crazy.

Debunking Immigration Myths -- They Steal Our Jobs?

The Worst Job In New York: Immigrant America

Milking cows is a dirty, monotonous job, and as we found out in our latest episode of Immigrant America, it's not a job many unemployed Americans are willing to do. But for some reason the government doesn't give dairy farms a way to recruit foreign workers legally, so most feel forced to hire illegal immigrants. This makes the farms and their workers easy targets for immigration authorities looking to fill deportation quotas. We went to upstate New York to try to understand the cat and mouse game going on between dairy farms and immigration authorities. We found a lot of wasted taxpayer money, racial profiling, and a broken system that unnecessarily treats family farmers and hardworking immigrants like criminals.

URGENT! 2 Ukrainian Fight Jets Show Down In Eastern Ukraine Near MH17 Site

2 Ukrainian Jet Fighters Shot Down In Rebel Held Area

Russian-backed separatists shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets Wednesday in the eastern regions of the country, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The ministry said on its Facebook page that the jets were among four Russian-built fighters that were returning to base after providing air support for Ukrainian troops near the border.

The pilots of both jets ejected from the aircraft, the ministry said. Their condition was not immediately reported.

Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky said the Sukhoi-25 fighters were downed in an area called Savur Mogila in the Shaktersky region near the Russian border.

All Wars are based on Racism

Racism is the hidden force behind all wars. When we think of our enemy as less than human, we can kill at will. We are in fact one large family manipulated by psychopaths that spread debt and death throughout the world.

The MH17 Cover-Up: Paul Joseph Watson on the Savage Nation

Paul Joseph Watson joins Michael Savage to discuss the MH17 cover-up and Kiev's failure to release air traffic control recordings.

Pro & Anti-Israel demostrators face off in Chicago

A pro-Israel demonstration and pro-Palestinian protest faced off outside the Israeli Embassy in Chicago on Tuesday. Police closed off the whole block and patrolled the streets. After the demonstrations were officially over, small clusters from both groups confronted each other.

David Icke - The Observer & Experiencer

David Icke is one of the most visible outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda
Some David Icke Quotes :
A gift of truth is the gift of love.
David Icke

And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke
David Icke

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind looks like? Well today, I can show you.
David Icke

I am a channel for the Christ spirit. The title was given to me very recently by the Godhead.
David Icke

I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke

I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. It was a nightmare. My children were devastated because their dad was a figure of ridicule.
David Icke

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.
David Icke

In the Atlantean period there were many energies being used and information and knowledge being used which were, for particular reasons of safety, withdrawn, shall we say, to prevent complete catastrophe, to prevent total destruction of your planet.
David Icke

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.
David Icke

One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way.
David Icke

So reports of my madness, as they say, were greatly exaggerated. Not that I give a bugger either way.
David Icke

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
David Icke
David Icke
David Icke

The Earth needs rebels!
David Icke

The reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the federal reserve, It's what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.
David Icke

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke

Jim Willie -- We Got a Monster Recession of -6% or -7% Right Now

The so-called "recovery" the mainstream media has been harping on for years is a lie, according to the Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie. He proclaims, "I believe the U.S. has gone into a recession that it is not going to get out of until the dollar is gone. When you factor inflation in properly . . . we got a monster recession of -6% or -7% right now. I don't think it will get better until the dollar is disposed of. So, we're entering the final phase of the dollar."

In closing, Willie says, "You want to get rid of political obstacles? Go straight to commerce and trade. Why is it that Exxon Mobil is still doing projects in the Artic and still doing projects in the Black Sea, which is Crimea, with the Russians and their energy companies? We already got the U.S. energy companies defying our own sanctions, and yet we are prosecuting French banks for doing the same thing. This is insane. We are losing control.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, which can be found on

King Dollar is 70! Is it now Out with the Old? | McAlvany Commentary 2014

-Bretton Woods Agreement & IMF 70 this week
-BRICS unite!-IMF no longer the only option
-Is your Money Market Fund the "Newest Bailout?"

Economy Is Collapsing As So Is The False Flag Event

Euro zone's debt is rising. Companies reporting in that sales and revenue are dropping. China has made a deal with Venezuela for oil and agricultural production. Portugal president says the bank is the tip of the iceberg, collapse is coming. Obamacare loses subsidies in 36 states. BRICS pumping in billions of non US dollars into Africa to build infrastructure. Central banker/US government false flag story collapsing, no proof, just believe us, it was Russia. Israel continuing the extermination of Palestinians. Russia moving military assets to protect the country from NATO. Leaked emails show Ukraine and US Government were planning a false flag.

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