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Emotional Report on American Decline

Emotional Report on American Decline

Why Larry Summers Track Record of Failure Actually Helps His Fed Nomination

Larry Summers theory of finance: banks are too brilliant to fail and regulators are idiots.

UN's Globalist Plan To Control Everything ~ Rosa Koire

Rosa Koire is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. Her twenty-eight year career as an expert witness on land use has culminated in exposing the impacts of Sustainable Development on private property rights and individual liberty.

Over the course of a legal challenge, Koire became aware of the source of the planning revolution she had observed over more than 10 years: UN Agenda 21. Through her research she found that much of the funding to implement local UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development land use programs comes through the diversion of property taxes to redevelopment agencies. Her work in providing information and solutions for communities fighting UN Agenda 21 has spread across the nation as more and more people become aware of the increased restrictions on their property rights, and the methods used to implement social engineering.

Rosa Koire of Democrats Against Agenda 21 weighed in with her views on the UN's globalist plan to control everything. "This is not a left or a right issue... freedom is non-partisan," she declared. Koire, a commercial real estate appraiser, said ten years ago she began noticing limits on what people could do with their land by right, which made her job determining the worth of property nearly impossible. She eventually connected the limits on land usage to Agenda 21, which she identified as a plan to inventory and control all land, water, plants, animals, and human beings in the world.

As an example of what is happening now in America, Koire pointed to satellite mapping of timber on conservation easements. NASA flyovers occur every 16 days and can determine if a single tree has been cut down, she disclosed. Should Agenda 21 be fully implemented people will be moved into densely packed city centers and have their mobility severely restricted, she cautioned. There will be no access to food and water, no employment, and education will become outcome-based with the goal of producing good global citizens, Koire added. She recommended her book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21, for those who wish to learn more about the plan and how to stop it.

Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 9/9/13: The Homeschooling Revolution

The Homeschooling Revolution
by Ron Paul

Opposing infringement on parental control of education and promoting alternatives to government-run schools is a vital task for the liberty movement. When government usurps a parent's right to control their child's education, it is inevitable that the child will be taught the values of government officials, rather than of the parents. The result is an education system with a built-in bias toward statism. Over time, government-controlled education can erode the people's knowledge of, and appreciation for, the benefits of a free society.

This is why throughout my congressional career I fought against any legislation that infringed on a parent's right to control their child's education, especially any legislation that limited a parent's right to homeschool. Many so-called education experts claim that parents who are not "government-certified" educators cannot provide their children with a quality education. However, the numerous studies showing that homeschooled children out-perform their publicly-educated peers in every academic category shows that most parents are more than capable of providing their children with an excellent education.

The Internet has made it easier than ever for parents to homeschool. Because of my interest in promoting alternatives to government-controlled education, this month I am launching my own homeschool curriculum. The Ron Paul Curriculum consists of a rigorous program of study in history, economics, mathematics, and the physical and natural sciences.

Older students will also have the opportunity to gain experience creating and running their own on-line business. Frequent written assignments will ensure that students have the maximum opportunity to develop strong communication skills.

Students and parents are invited to participate in on-line interactive forums. The goal of the forums is to maximize participation so the student is not a passive recipient of information conveyed by the teachers. Instead, the students are encouraged to actively engage with their fellow students so the students can learn from each other as well as from the program's instructors.

Of course, many of the offerings, particularly in history and economics, reflect my belief and interest in the freedom philosophy. However, unlike the pro-statist curriculum used in government-run schools, the curriculum does not place promoting an ideological agenda ahead of ensuring that students receive a quality education. The economic curriculum will cover all significant schools of economic thought, but will emphasize the free-market "Austrian" school.

Parents interested in providing their children with a quality education that incorporates knowledge of the principles of liberty will find this program a good investment. The curriculum also does not shy away from addressing the crucial role religion played in the development of western civilization. However, the materials are drafted in way that any Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist parent who wants their children to receive a top-notch education incorporating the history, philosophy, and economics of liberty, can feel comfortable using the curriculum.

I expected interest in my curriculum to grow over the years, as the young people who have recently become interested in the ideas of liberty marry and start their own families. These men and women will want to make sure their children's education includes instruction in the ideas of liberty that was lacking in their government-provided-and-controlled education.

I am excited to be able to help provide the increasing number of parents interested in homeschooling with a quality curriculum that emphasizes the history and philosophy of liberty and free-market economics of the Austrian school. For more information on my homeschool curriculum please see here. And to order a copy of my new book The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System, see here.

The Alex Jones Show - Sunday, September 08, 2013 (Full Show): John B. Wells

Today live on this Sunday, September 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the accelerating global awakening which could lead to the fall of the current New World Order power structure. Obama continues to push for war leading up to his upcoming Tuesday speech from the White House, but Americans are pushing back. One man even confronted John McCain for representing Obama rather than We the People and called for the senator's arrest for treason. From Obamacare to the Syrian war expansion, Alex covers it all and joining him is the syndicated radio host of Coast to Coast AM John B. Wells. Alex and John also take your calls throughout the broadcast.

President Assad Says "NO EVIDENCE Has Been Presented That I Used Chemical Weapons!"

Dang. What if the FACTS get in the way of this next dirty little war? But don't worry, it's football season. The only FACTS Americans want are posted on ESPN. Game on!
The government could care less about human rights and suffering - unless they have an agenda for that specific area. By the way, since they released their videos and pics of gassed Syrians to drum up war support...will they release a vid/photos of the people murdered by a drone strike in Pakistan this weekend? Don't bet the rent on it.

Obama's Satanic Agenda Moves Nihilism FORWARD

Nihilism - Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the form of existential nihilism, which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.[1] Moral nihilists assert that morality does not inherently exist, and that any established moral values are abstractly contrived. Nihilism can also take epistemological or ontological/metaphysical forms, meaning respectively that, in some aspect, knowledge is not possible, or that reality does not actually exist.

Fake News Conditioning Us To Question ALL BELIEF SYSTEMS, therefore DISTORTING REALITY creating a Godless Movement that is also being primed to rebel.

Expert says Planet X is drawing closer to Earth

Marshall Masters shared his contention that 'Planet X' is continuing its inbound path in our solar system, drawing closer to Earth. Rather than a planet, he believes what is out there is a mini-constellation, with a brown dwarf sun at the center, that is currently about two Jupiter distances away from us. One of the outermost objects orbiting this sun has been observed and nicknamed "Bluebonnet," he said. In order for it to be observed, people have to adjust their view, not for the Earth's horizon, but the ecliptic-- the plane of the solar system, he stated.

Masters said an associate of his captured an image of the brown dwarf from a high altitude viewing spot west of Peru back in May and that has helped his team calculate the path of Planet X. He suggested that the effects of Planet X have already played into Earth's extreme weather, but according to his estimate, from 2015 onward, disruptions will be far more intense, with a pole shift and drastic flooding taking place, such as Edgar Cayce predicted.


Marshall Masters is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM. He spent three years researching Nibiru flyby-related topics including: catastrophic earth changes, crop circles, impact events and future technologies.

The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea that a planet-sized object will collide with or pass by Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidence and has been rejected as pseudoscience by astronomers and planetary scientists.

The idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, founder of the website ZetaTalk. Although the name "Nibiru" is derived from the works of the late ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, Sitchin denied any connection between his work and various claims of a coming apocalypse.

The idea of the Nibiru encounter originated with Nancy Lieder, a Wisconsin woman who claims that as a girl she was contacted by gray extraterrestrials called Zetas, who implanted a communications device in her brain. In 1995, she founded the website ZetaTalk to disseminate her ideas Lieder first came to public attention on Internet newsgroups during the build-up to Comet Hale--Bopp's 1997 perihelion.

Lieder described Planet X as roughly four times the size of the Earth, and said that its closest approach would occur on May 27, 2003, resulting in the Earth's rotation ceasing for exactly 5.9 terrestrial days. This would be followed by the Earth's pole destabilising in a pole shift (a physical pole shift, with the Earth's pole physically moving, rather than a geomagnetic reversal) caused by magnetic attraction between the Earth's core and the magnetism of the passing planet. This in turn would disrupt the Earth's magnetic core and lead to subsequent displacement of the Earth's crust.

Although Lieder originally referred to the object as "Planet X", it has become deeply associated with Nibiru, a planet from the works of ancient astronaut proponent Zecharia Sitchin, particularly his book The 12th Planet. According to Sitchin's interpretation of Babylonian religious texts, which contradicts conclusions reached by credited scholars on the subject, a giant planet (called Nibiru or Marduk) passes by Earth every 3,600 years and allows its sentient inhabitants to interact with humanity. These beings, which Sitchin identified with the Annunaki of Sumerian myth, would become humanity's first gods. Lieder first made the connection between Nibiru and her Planet X on her site in 1996 ("Planet X does exist, and it is the 12th Planet, one and the same.").

If Russia Attacks the USA, Which Side Will You Be On?

Russian soldiers lined up at McDonald's Hamburgers!
Is this a Trojan Horse replay or was there some kind of agreement?
They are here by invitation, by our own evil and nefarious government!

Yesterday, someone said the computers at the military bases in Alaska were attacked
I think the moose up there just disconnected the cable while looking for a snack!
But if the Russians did attack, which side would you be on?
Would you back our Nazi-fascists or go with the Russians and be ruled by Putin?
Is Putin killing Russians, anywhere he likes or did Obama think of it first thinking it would stop Americans from opposing those with the military might?

What did the Russians say when the sign outside McDonald's says $1 for lunch
Then you go inside and everything on the menu costs a bunch!
Everything in America is another lie
So the race is a dead heap! Call it a tie!


United States President Barack Obama and officials within the administration are beating the drums of war. How will this affect the markets, specifically commodities like gold and oil?
More than a decade after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were launched -- not to mention the various strikes against Yemen, Pakistan and other countries initiated by President Barack Obama throughout his tenure as commander in chief -- the United States is drumming the beats of war again, this time in Syria.

SYRIA: War Of Deception (Ken O'keefe on PressTv)

The United States is considering launching a military strike against Syria, based on intelligence reports that said with "high confidence" that chemical weapons were used by Assad forces.

Even without the UN report which could take 2-3 weeks: a military strike which the US said would be limited but open to last 90 days.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that US Congress had no right to approve the use of force without a decision from the UN Security Council, and that doing so would be an "act of aggression", with the Syrian deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Muqdad to have said Syria will not give in 'even if there is WWIII'.

WW3 UPDATE - RAF Scrambles Typhoons Amid Syria Tensions

RAF Scrambles Typhoons Amid Syria Tensions
The RAF sends up two Typhoon jets in Cyprus as warplanes, thought to have come from Syria, enter international airspace. RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled from their base in Cyprus to investigate unidentified aircraft in international airspace amid mounting tensions over Syria, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. Reports suggest the rogue aircraft, which were spotted on radar by the British and Turkish air forces on Monday, came from Syria. An MoD spokesman said: "Typhoon Air Defence Aircraft operated from RAF Akrotiri on Monday, 2nd September 2013, to investigate unidentified aircraft to the east of Cyprus; the aircraft were flying legally in international airspace and no intercept was required."

SEPTEMBER 2013 WARNING!!! Pole Shift News UPDATE Alert CODE RED!!!

Announcement from Tolec regarding "Comet" Ison... "Announcement: 08.30.13. Regarding the alleged -- "Comet Ison". It is not a comet. This is a large scale ship operated by Galactic Federation forces. Expect it to arrive in the 'sol' (solar) system, in Earth's 'space' & in orbit over this planet... sometime in the near future. Consider this sighting to be another major harbinger of the many changes coming to this planet!

Fukushima "May I have your attention Please?!" Cesium 137

Steven Starr is a medical laboratory technician [MT ( ASCP) ] , scientific program director of the clinical laboratory at the University of Columbia, Missouri. He obtained his degree at the School of Health Professions in 1985 and has worked in many hospitals for 27 years.

Mr Starr is a member of Physicians for Social reponsibility , and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. His writings are published by several organizations, including the Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, and has worked with several foreign governments and the UN to the elimination of nuclear weapons. He is also an expert in the field of environmental consequences of war and nuclear weapons.

In this video, he exposes us to the deleterious properties of the radioactive materials generated by nuclear accident , especially the infamous cesium 137, which has significantly contaminated Japan after the Fukushima catastrophe . This is the deadly poisons at the atomic or molecular level. Their activity is millions of times greater than that of some natural isotopes in the environment such as potassium 40. As compare a stick of dynamite in an atomic bomb !

The second point is data contamination official of Japan, which do not correspond to some independent scientific studies , and certainly not to the reality of the situation on the ground . It is between 10,000 to 20,000 square kilometers today have a radioactivity greater than the maximum previously authorized 1 millisievert per year dose. It then discusses the dangers induced by multiplying by 20 the permitted level , and the controversial method used to calculate the biological effects of ionizing radiation , expressed in Sieverts .

Steven Starr then cites scientific research of Prof. Bandazhevsky , phenomena of bioaccumulation in ecosystems , increased fragility of children and especially girls to the effects of radioactivity, and overall poor health status of young people in our days in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl accident areas.

Video made at the symposium "The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" ( medical & environmental consequences of the nuclear accident at Fukushima ) organized by the Helen Caldicott Foundation 11 & 12 March 2013 in New York.

An Attack On Syrian Violates International Law Without Approval From The United Nations

Answer to all of the above: Zionist/Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex Job Security. And the reality that the national economy is a giant Ponzi scheme that lives on wars.

9/11 & Operation Gladio

NWO and the United States: 9/11, false flag attacks, martial law and the mark of the beast

'Bigger than Watergate': US 'regular' meetings with Al-Qaeda's leader; documented White House 'false flag terrorism' moving people 'like sheep'; the father of Twin Towers victim tell us why he backs this month's 9/11 campaign on Times Square and around the world; & the protests calendar for September. Seek truth from facts with Bob McIlvane, whose son Bobby was killed in the lobby of the North Tower; NATO's Secret Armies author Dr. Daniele Ganser; Elizabeth Woodworth of Consensus911; Journal of 9/11 Studies co-editor Dr. Graeme MacQueen; Dr. Kevin Barrett author of Questioning the War of Terror, civil engineer Jon Cole of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; and Rachel Maddow of The Rachel Maddow Show

Alex Jones Fox News Geraldo At Large Syria Interview. Alex Jones Fox News Interview

Alex Jones Fox News Geraldo Interview On Syria Alex jones fox news who used the chemical weapons Alex Jones on Fox News for Geraldo Interview On Syria Alex Jones fox news who used the chemical weapons.Alex Jones Fox News Geraldo Interview On Syria Alex jones fox news who used the chemical weapons.

Jim Willie - Nations Need to Depart from Dollar or Enter Third World

According to Dr. Jim Willie, the rest of the world is tired of the money printing by the Fed and wants to use a new currency to escape the coming global inflation of a dollar that can quickly lose its buying power. Dr. Willie says, "This is financial survival. Nations need to depart from the dollar, and the first ones that do will be the survivors, and lost ones will enter the third world." As far as Syria, Dr. Willie says it's not about chemical weapons, but about pipelines and our adversaries gaining economic advantage. Dr. Willie claims, "The U.S. is obstructing capitalism and commerce. That is the problem." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Publisher of The Hat Trick Letter, which can be found on

Degeneration of U.S. & The 10th Amendment Coast To Coast AM September 8 2013

Coast to Coast AM Today Date 09-07-2013 Coast to Coast AM Host: John B. Wells
Coast to Coast AM This Week Guests: Michael Boldin, Mark Dice Coast to Coast AM Topic: Degeneration of U.S. & The 10th Amendment

Release Date ( Sept 8 2013 ) Air Date ( September 7 2013 )
John B. Wells was joined in the first half of the program by author and Illuminati expert Mark Dice, who commented on the stupefying of society and degeneration of U.S. culture.

Next, Michael Boldin, president of The Tenth Amendment Center, discussed individual sovereignty issues, focusing on the decentralization of federal government power.


United States President Barack Obama and officials within the administration are beating the drums of war. How will this affect the markets, specifically commodities like gold and oil?
More than a decade after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were launched -- not to mention the various strikes against Yemen, Pakistan and other countries initiated by President Barack Obama throughout his tenure as commander in chief -- the United States is drumming the beats of war again, this time in Syria.
After it was alleged that the Syrian government, led by President Bashar al-Assad, launched a chemical attack against its own people, even though there are some suggestions that it was performed by al-Qaeda, the Western world, particularly the U.S., has been urging for an attack against the country, a growing prospect as Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are backing up the president.
This has led to millions of Syrians to either prepare for a potential war or to flee the country. In the U.S. and other developed countries, meanwhile, investors are becoming concerned about the stock market as oil, gold and other commodities are inching upwards over fears of a U.S.-led attack against Damascus.
Jim Rogers and commodities
If an attack occurs then expect commodities to rise, according to legendary investors Jim Rogers and Marc Faber. Rogers, speaking in an interview with Reuters, suggested that oil and gold could go "much, much higher" because the U.S. is "desperate to have a war."
"I own oil, I own gold, I own things like that and if there is going to be a war...they're gonna go much, much higher," said Rogers in the interview. "Stocks are gonna go down, some of the markets that I'm sure are already going down, commodities are gonna go up. I mean, yeah, some of the things I own all make a lot of money. It's, I'm not particularly keen on war, I assure you, but it sounds like they want it."
He went on to note that strange elements transpire in war and that there could be an array of unintended consequences that could hurt all involved parties. "But I do know that throughout history whenever you had war, things like food prices have gone up a lot, energy prices have gone up a lot, copper price, lead prices: you know, all of these things go up a lot whenever there's been a war in the past."
"jim rogers" investor singapore investment finance book "jim rogers book" global travel country markets commodity warning economy mainstream worry future bank banking printing money japan europe america uk u.s. "united states" currency forex debt collapse gold silver "gold bullion" "gold coin" "silver eagle" "silver bullion" cash trade trading "trading platform" stocks "stock market" recovery usd dollar asia thailand china "united kingdom" system 2013 spending "credit card" loan credit qe1 qe2 qe3 qe endless ben bernanke obama new world order illuminati ww3 world war 3 truth agenda inflation bubble bull bear market wealth wealthy billionaire millionaire wall street london interest rate indian rupee 829speedy Another contributing factor to the price of gold is the Federal Reserve's tapering of its quantitative easing measures. The latest economic news disappointed economists and suggests that the markets are unsure about the central bank's bond-buying program. Akin to what David Stockman, former budget director under President Ronald Reagan, explained earlier this year, the stock market depends very much on the Fed's stimulus efforts.
Speaking with Hard Assets Investor last week, Marc Faber, the editor and publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report, projected the rising price of gold due to not just a potential war with Syria but also the rising debt levels and monetization policies performed by central banks worldwide.
"Looking at the fundamentals, looking at how debt will continue to increase and how central banks will continue their monetization not only in the U.S. but on a worldwide scale, I assume the price of gold will trend higher," said Faber. "Most likely we've seen the lows below $1,200."
Much like other gold bugs and some financial experts, Faber correction. But in longer-term bull markets, these kinds of corrections do occur. We had a 40-50 percent correction in 1987 in equity markets. But the bull market lasted until the year 2000."

On top of the issue with Syria, Washington will soon deal with another debt ceiling crisis next month. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew noted late last month that the U.S. federal government will be hitting the debt limit in mid-October.


In the beginning of this century there were signs that Rothschild was starting to pull back from gold. With the announcement of Lord Jacob Rothschild that his "investment vehicle" RIT Capital Partners "has ridden the rally in gold prices but will now incrementally sell down" many observers were led to believe the ancient house was abandoning the precious stuff. Jacob Rothschild stated in 2011: "There is I believe a growing awareness of the dangerous position which confronts many countries, particularly those in the developed world. In spite of these concerns, we continue to take advantage of areas that we believe are attractive, but we will remain cautious in terms of the quantum of capital that we allocate". Already in 2004 Rothschild blew the horn, announcing with a loud voice (that tends to carry far and wide throughout the world's financial community) that the family was withdrawing from its gold-based assets. In April of 2004 theTelegraph reported.

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