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Jim Tucker The Bilderberg Hound Dies at 78

April 27, 2013 AFP
James P. Tucker, Jr. (12/31/1934 – 4/26/2013), famed Bilderberg Hound, author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary, passed away yesterday due to complications he suffered following a fall.
A proper tribute to Tucker will rendered next week when the front page of AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper will be dedicated to Jim.
The thoughts and prayers from all of us at AMERICAN FREE PRESS go out to his family and friends. Thank you, Tucker, for all that you did to shine the light on the “criminals” of Bilderberg.
Please read his obituary below by colleague Michael Collins Piper and listen to the last interview Tucker gave AFP prior to his passing.

RIP Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, and author of Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary. (December 31, 1934 -- April 26, 2013) This one man made it his mission to expose the Bilderberg Group, and tracked their every move for over 25 years, and is largely the reason we know so much about them! We will continue where you left off sir! I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at the 2012 Bilderberg protest in Chantilly, VA.

Is there a FEMA CAMP east of Yuma Az?

This video refers to a possible death camp. It might be an ICE detention facility. It might be neither. I am just sharing because it is interesting.

Is this a FEMA Prison Camp? Is this a GUILLOTINE already used in 2 executions?

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Uploader: revmichellehopkins
Uploaded: April 22, 2013

The complex seems very similar to one of the Arizona State Prison Complexes, but it is not listed among them. There is no identifier anywhere for it. I dare you to try and find the exact location listed anywhere.
Arizona State Prison Complex -- Yuma
7125 East Juan Sanchez Blvd
San Luis AZ, 85349
- on Google earth - what comes up is the Corrections Department, maybe 60 to 100 miles away from this complex. And is not itself a complex, but an office building.

FirehawkUSN - Comment
I can share a little info about this facility. Yes it is a prison, but it's not FEMA. It is a privately owned facility by one of the major banks, wells fargo/bank of america. I do patrols out here and have seen it from a distance using optics. These private prisons are popping up all over the open desert here, Florence and around the Tucson sector. Quit doing business with banks people because your just making them more wealthy and supporting their agenda.

Exorcising The Evil Governments Spell

An enemy recognized is an enemy half defeated.
The first step in any battle is knowing the enemy, and this enemy which ‘possesses’ us all, comes with many faces and many promises, and speaks with forked tongue, which we have been literally seduced by. It’s more of a forced possession than one which we voluntarily step into because we are born into it literally, and our parents were possessed by it also. As mentioned in another section the spider spins its web and lays it traps early in our lives, and we struggle in that web till we are too tired to do anything about it.
It is much easier to see and feel the spell, and possession we are under, once we have had the courage to look at what is happening in our system and who and what is in control of it, and hence us. This isn’t rocket science, but takes a lot of courage to face the fact that all our lives we have been allowing a really dark force, normally in dark suits, to manipulate us psychically, mentally and physically, and rule us by its fear based system.
We become ‘occupied’ by their influence in a sense, and they have custody and control over us. Very similar to what they do to countries which they ‘occupy’ by force, paralyzing them by cutting off their infrastructure of food, water and electricity, and these same things we rely on them for, which is our sustenance. The good news is that its changing now and people everywhere are learning how to ‘get their lives back’ and ‘reclaim themselves’ from this dominant, evil force.
In the older traditions, people would be helped by the gifted Shamans in their villages if they were being manipulated and controlled psychically or physically by another person, group or entity. If someone is in control of us physically by giving us the money for food, then they automatically are controlling us psychically by the very fact that we are so dependent on them. In the case of mass manipulation and slavery inflicted on people by the tyrannizing clutches of the oligarchs, that is serious ‘possession’ indeed. – Jason Liosatos

The Alex Jones Show : Jim Tucker Tribute :Sunday, April 28 2013

The Alex Jones Show:(VIDEO Commercial Free) Sunday, April 28 2013: Jim Tucker Tribute
Today 4/28/2013 On this Sunday, April 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex broadcasts from the road. He pays tribute to Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker, who passed away last week at the age of 78. He also covers the latest attack by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and the latest details on the Boston bombing false flag as the official narrative on the event takes on its final mythological form. On today's broadcast, Nightly News hosts Jakari Jackson and David Knight co-host from the Austin, Texas command center.

Nigel Farage, Cyprus Cash grab a template for Future Stealing

UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage speaks on the Eurozone cash grab.

RT's Aleksei Yaroshevsky spoke to a known eurosceptic, the head of the UK Independence party, Nigel Farage. He believes the days of the Eurozone are numbered, and that people should withdraw their money from its banks before what happened in Cyrpus happens elsewhere. Get all your money out of Europe now! BRITISH expats living across Europe were warned last night to take their money out of foreign banks in the wake of the Cyprus financial crisis. Ukip leader Nigel Farage told the party's spring conference that savings held in countries where the euro is the currency are no longer safe. His warning came as Cyprus last night gave in to EU and International Monetary Fund demands for a 20 per cent levy on deposits over 100,000 euros at the Bank of Cyprus and a four per cent levy on deposits of the same amount at other banks. Yesterday Mr Farage said: "The appalling events in Cyprus over the course of the past week have surpassed even my direst of predictions. "Even I didn't think that they would stoop to stealing money from people's bank accounts. I find that astonishing. "There are 750,000 British people who own properties, or who live, many of them in retirement down in Spain. "Our message to expats now that the EU has crossed this line, must be: Get your money out of there while you've still got a chance." He also urged Chancellor George Osborne to make it clear that Britain would never seize money in this way in the hope it can benefit from a huge flight of money out of the eurozone. His stark "get your money out" warning came as Cyprus raced to qualify for a vital international bailout to avoid a potential bankruptcy that would engulf 12,000 British expat pensioners from midnight tomorrow. The tiny island nation needs to raise 5.8billion euro (£4.95billion) to secure a 10billion euro European rescue that would help it to stay in the currency. The tax would apply to any Briton with a Cypriot bank account including the 3,000 British servicemen and women. An estimated 25,000 Britons live on Cyprus. The European Central Bank had said that, after tomorrow, it would pull the plug on further financial assistance for Cyprus's troubled banks unless a deal was in place. This left the island's 56 MPs with an unenviable choice, to impose strict curbs on the movement of money and to put the country's largest banks into receivership or face exit from the euro and a dramatic economic crash. Earlier yesterday it looked as if Cyprus may have to impose a larger levy on deposits, up to 25 per cent. The tax has fuelled fears of a run on Cypriot banks if they reopen on Tuesday. Its banks have been closed for more than a week since the levy was proposed, triggering widespread outrage in Cyprus. The British Government has frozen £1.2million in state pension payments due to 12,000 Britons living in Cyprus to prevent it being grabbed in a bailout deal. However, British banks face a £1.3billion exposure to a wholesale collapse of the banking system in Cyprus. The country is still a major trading partner for the UK.

CNN Amputee Bad Actor - Boston Bombings

Faced with a difficult decision, Heather Abbott had doctors remove her foot. She's optimistic and doesn't have regrets.

This could be a very sensitive subject, but judging by how happy she is she just had her leg removed, I really don't think she would mind this! Are we wrong? Tell us why in the comments. If we are proven wrong with SOLID evidence.

More Proof Actors Used In Boston Bombing

The actors were part of the bombing drill at the finish line that was caught on camera by the MSM. The MSM would have you think there were two bombs …. the first so called bomb wasn’t real !!! The deaths and injuries were caused by the real bomb which went off after the “first fake one” Get it through your thick head …. there was only one bomb.We haven’t been able to trust a word the Marxist media and “officials” say for decades, probably over a century. You look at the photographic evidence of the ‘bombing’ at can see plain and clear that it was another crisis drill gone live or something. Complete with shiny fake blood and a bloodless disappearing double amputee whose newly detached legs magically dissolve into thin air like a jetliner in Shanksville. There’s no valid evidence the smoke bombs killed or injured anyone. DON’T TRUST A WORD THE FASCIST MEDIA AND GOVMENT SAYS. Not a bloody single word.

Recession and Austerity Good for the Rich

James Henry: The top 7 percent of households, about 8 million people, have seen their net worth increase to a mean of about $3.2 million in the last three years


NUCLEAR ATTACK on LOS ANGELES from North Korea / L.A 28th April 2013 - Will this be the next FALSE FLAG ATTACK? (Emergency Alert System Activation)

In my 10 years of being a real estate agent in la,
I have never seen AN EXODUS like this one.
"Maps of Stars Homes" have now become "Maps of Stars Homes FOR SALE". Everyone is bailing out of Los Angeles this month,
drastically reducing their mansions by millions of dollars,
taking enormous losses, and are DESPERATE TO SELL ASAP.

Here is the current list of the stars who are bugging out:

adam brody
america ferrera
amy smart
anna nicole smith(yes she's gone already but the estate)
ashlee simpson
avril lavigne
bert lahr
beth grant CANDY SPELLING CHARLIE SHEEN charlize theron cher dennis quaid dick clark(estate)
The rock dwayne jonson ELLEN DE GENERATE elvis presley(estate) frankie muniz HARRISON FORD heath ledger(estate) heidi klum hilary duff hillary swank howie mandel JENNIFER ANDERSON JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT JIM CAREY kd lang kara dioguardi kate walsh katherine heigl KATY PERRY kelsey grammer lauren conrad LEONARDO DI CAPRIO MARK WAHLBERG mathew perry MEG RYAN megan mullully MEL GIBSON NEIL PATRICK HARRIS nick lachey P.DIDDY penelope cruz pierce brosnan pink reese witherspoon RHIANNA robin williams sally feilds SCARLETT JOHANSSON SHARON STONE SYVESTER STALLONE tori spelling USHER wayne brady zsa zsa gabor(estate)
nuke nuclear attack strike l.a. "los angeles" "los angeles city" u.s. "united states" norad missile "north korea" korea impact residents fallout area shelter authority essential supplies radio emergency safety president obama speech message news report media 2013 prepare war ww3 alert food water "civil emergency" california "southern california" people masses prediction facebook "social network" "social media" illuminati "new world order" agenda future control freedom world war 3 godlikeproductions alex jones infowars gerald celente trends research above top secret unseen forces david icke lindsey williams farrakhan 829speedy
This is just a partial list, still not including movie directors, producers, and the millions of "movie industry" people in LA. What do they know? Where are they going? I have never seen a massive exodus like this.... I'm a bit uneasy about this situation.

On April 21st, 2013, BIN Reporter Live Free or Die posted an article stating a Facebook page had been set up depicting a nuclear explosion in L.A. Could LA elite be fleeing this event? do they know this is going to happen? If so, they don't have much time left.. Memorial For Nuke Event in L.A. April 28th facebook page Sandy Hook Boston Texas Battlefield Los Angeles.

Head of House Homeland Security Committee The Boston Bombers Were Trained

4/28/13 - The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says he believes the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were trained in carrying out their attacks.

Prophecy Update - April 21st, 2013

Pastor JD talks about America in a teaching through Romans 13 and how the absence of the U.S. in the pages of Bible Prophecy is yet another reason that Christ's return for His church is sooner than we may think.America indeed has a prophetic destiny, unfortunately scholars readily dismiss it, looking to Europe for the rise of the AntiChrist and the kingdom in which he will rule as he goes forth establishing his global dominion.The Prophet Daniel identifies that the AntiChrist will come from the people or offspring of those that destroyed the Temple and the City Jerusalem. This of course, was the Roman Legions under Emporer Vespasian and his son General Titus. There is no indication that he will come from the geographical area of Rome.

Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Hunter, Dead at 78

Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, Dead at 78

RIP Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, and author of Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary. (December 31, 1934 -- April 26, 2013) This one man made it his mission to expose the Bilderberg Group, and tracked their every move for over 25 years, and is largely the reason we know so much about them! We will continue where you left off sir! I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at the 2012 Bilderberg protest in Chantilly, VA.

2013 A Message of Realization to Humanity

2013 A message of realization to humanity

Explosion in consciousness is happening on planet Earth this very moment. Right now. Expanding like ripples in the ocean, where everyone are affected. This ripple is the earthquake of energies in the collective grid of consciousness to wake up from the slumber of experience in duality's matrix of illusions and into oneness.
-Chemlin , Do you remember, FEEL, that you're part of all that is?

Abraham : "Let's start by saying. That matter, or manifestation is advanced thought. In other words. There's thought, then there's thought form, then there's manifestation. Of course there are millions of incrementale steps inbetween all of that. But thats the general process. There's thought, and thoughtform, which you call illusion, or even dreamstate. Then there's manifestation. And all manifestation is, is energy thats being translated from many perceivers at the same time, who concur about what they're perceiving."

You're a soul inhabiting a physical body and have for eons experienced all the limitations that's possible to experience. The limitations set by the collective of humanity has ended. Expand, be, and know, litterally know that there's no limits what so ever, unless you create them to be with your own mind. Unless you create that belief within you, so feels real, yet its an illusion, which many call blockage of your on thought programming. YOU create and chose what you want to think, feel, see, hear, taste and touch. YOU create the experience you want to, what you focus upon. The vibration of your energy makes the experience and perception of your choosing. BE in center of the vortex within you, and focus on living in the now of to be, for you are simply just so.

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