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Slavery By Consent ( Full Version)

Slavery By Consent ( Full Version)

Our government is one of the most corrupt in the world thanks to the families like the Rothschilds.Some of the Amendments of the constitution were bought by the elite bankers to install the criminal banking industry most important 1 being the FED. we have never had freedom,we have never known true freedom,we are permitted by our governments to express a limited amount of freedom,step out of line u go to jail,educate ur kids through the system or face prosecution,pay your taxes and bills or lose your home,protest sure but only with a heavy police prescence,make anti government remarks /be put under surveillence,use the internet become monitored,use ur cell phone give ur location by gps,TOO LATE FRREDOM IS GONE.

Trends Forecast For 2012 To 2016

Trend Forecast For 2012 To 2016 : Here is what is going to continue to happen as we move forward. Everyone will be computer chipped and the economy will be rebuilt based on credits he national debt is parabolic, exponential and there is no way to walk it back at this point .And yes... all these anti gunners are lined up at the game store to buy shoot em up games for their kids... ironic isnt it? In a book Why They Kill written by a military psychologist he explains the conditioning techniques with use of video games to get soldiers to kill. These similar games are available to very young children. I'd like to interject here though that these events like the mall, school shooting are not all young people gone wild. Knowing the lies pouring from the gov't I will remain suspect of these brutal events. Once we adopt absolutes we stop the critical thinking process. There's more than we know

Sandy Hook School Shooting A False Flag Attack Planned 4 Years Ago

The US does have a substantiated long history of false flag events on it's own citizens . Every mass killing of more than three people in recent history has been in a place where guns were prohibited. people need to remember this little FACT before they start screaming for increased gun regulations & restrictions. In Chicago, Mayor Emanuel talked the same message about more gun control. Especially uzi's. Here he is on the Lake of Hypocrisy. Won't surprise me, if his bodyguards are carrying uzis. It could be hidden in a jacket. the next false flag event would target the Truth-Seeking, Prepper, Firearm-owning, non-trusting-of-the-gov't demographic. Now it appears the pansy's mother fit the bill. Now I hear the pansy's father is to testify in the Libor scandal. Sound familiar?

The World is Not Going to End on December 21st 2012 Period , It is All a HOAX

What better way to dupe a population: Manufacture a doomsday scenario to conceal more nefarious actions. People will wake up in the morning and breath a sigh of relief on 22 December 2012 thankful to be alive oblivious to the carpet being pulled out from under them.

Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Disarm The Slaves

Bloomberg is either retarded or schizophrenia, this is a republic not a monarch, the reason Obama has to go to congress is called checks & balances, this is to prevent tyranny. Bloomberg also contradicts himself talking about "illegal guns", so how is a ban gonna help if they're already illegal? Also, why didn't he call for disarming his police after they shot those 9 innocent people at the Empire State Building? He kept his mouth shut on gun control on that.

The dictator of New York speaks again. New Yorkers deserve this want to be king boy! Yeah the guns don't belong on the streets, they belong in our homes to protect us from want to be Kings like Bloomberg the Magnificent taker of 16 oz cokes! We certainly do not want guns in the hands of government only! What a liar. The founding fathers were quite clear that we be able to protect ourselves from power hungry maniacs like this guy!

Save Lives , Keep Civilians Armed

The purpose of the second amendment never had anything to do with "Sporting Purposes", as in this video depicting the Battle of Athens, the 2nd amendment is guarantor of all the other amendments (and all Constitutional Law) safe from a tyrant government that's gone astray. The 2nd amendment is the provider/protection of the people from their government ... it's a built-in "in case of emergency break glass" contingency. --Long Live the Republic!

Obama will Destroy America Once He Has All The Guns says Former FBI Informant

Obama is not going to take the guns away, for one that's what the NDAA entails, it breaks power and decisions down and leaves it up to the division that handles it, instead of gong through all kinds of channels until it gets to him, it calls for quicker response to situations, for example, if you have a puzzle and you needed Obama's permission to place each piece in its respectable place even if you know where it goes, now the NDAA is giving these divisions there own decision making power. Soon, both the nation's military services and law enforcement will need to make a decision: Will you be true to the oath you swore, to protect and defend the Constitution or will you be personally responsible for the destruction of the Republic?

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