Joel Skousen WARNING How would World War 3 Start in 2017

Transcript : mr. Joel Skousen welcome to show well 0:17 thank you Alex that's very good to be 0:19 with you people like you have been 0:22 completely accurate about the Russian 0:24 threat and basically the extension the 0:28 threat coming from China and North Korea 0:30 and so forth 0:31 why is it mrs. Carson that today we see 0:34 a lot of the american alternative media 0:36 and the Patriots why are so many of them 0:39 now 0:40 nowadays so soft on Russia why do we see 0:44 them even promoting Russia and the 0:47 Russian point of view concerning all 0:49 kinds of topics 0:50 well that's a very good question Alex 0:53 and part of it has to do with the fact 0:56 that when the Western media covered for 0:59 the what I call the phony fall of the 1:02 Soviet Union and it wasn't carefully 1:04 crafted deception communism never fell 1:06 it simply went underground and pretended 1:09 to be dead in order to gain a great deal 1:12 of aid and trade with the west to 1:15 prepare for its future you know attack 1:18 on the west which is still coming but in 1:21 the process of the Western media 1:22 covering for the phony fall of the 1:25 Soviet Union and I mean you had to cover 1:28 it i watched it go down and I saw 1:30 immediately through the holes in the 1:32 argument that the KGB the all-powerful 1:36 Katie but suddenly fail to capture 1:38 gorbett job is undefended villa and that 1:41 the life sick riots in Germany would 1:45 suddenly be allowed to go forward and we 1:48 now know that Erik on occur said on his 1:51 deathbed and chili that he got orders 1:53 from Moscow to allow the life sick riots 1:57 to go forward so this was up carefully 1:58 crafted deception but they gave credit 2:02 to Ronald Reagan for it so in America 2:04 the conservative side o we one you know 2:08 the left isn't crucifying our hero 2:10 ronald reagan anymore they're giving him 2:12 credit 2:13 well ronald reagan was just as surprised 2:15 as anyone else at the phony fall of the 2:18 Soviet Union he didn't realize it was 2:20 funny and most of the Conservatives in 2:22 the United States today don't realize 2:24 it's phony 2:26 they revel in the fact that communism 2:27 fell but it did not and so the enemy 2:31 then became globalism and globalism is a 2:35 real enemy 2:36 it's I think there are three independent 2:39 predator centers in the globe in the 2:42 world the anglo-american globalist the 2:45 Russians and the Chinese and they're 2:46 each trying to establish their own 2:49 version of the new world order under 2:51 their control now so people like Paul 2:55 Craig Roberts who generally I have a 2:58 great deal of respect for but he has 3:00 become obsessed with the fact that if 3:04 the globalist were trying to insert 3:06 themselves in the Ukraine and Russia is 3:08 the victim and so this mentality the 3:11 rushes the victim or the Putin is 3:13 somehow the only one who can stand up to 3:15 the New World Order therefore he's our 3:17 hero is very much displaced analysis in 3:22 its very erroneous i pointed out in my 3:25 world affairs brief for example that 3:27 only the Russians could have created the 3:31 Ukrainian coo everyone in the West 3:33 especially in the United States talks 3:35 about how the u.s. port 5 billion 3:38 dollars into Ukraine and influence the 3:40 independence movement and that it was a 3:43 pro-western coup but it was not I was 3:47 probably the only one in the United 3:48 States to point out as our seniors is 3:51 only the pro-russian forces could have 3:54 told the bear coot the the state secret 3:58 police to stand down and let the 4:00 protestors win only the pro-russian 4:03 forces could have instructed the party 4:06 of regions who controlled the Rada which 4:09 is the parliament in Ukraine to oust 4:12 their own leader and is this a 4:14 repetition of what we've seen with the 4:15 so-called fallen Soviet Union where this 4:18 big colonial superpower Russia with one 4:20 continuous landmass when in those 4:24 satellite states like Ukraine you had 4:26 like the fall of the the Soviet 4:29 government there the Moscow control 4:31 government there and in all these new 4:33 faces are seemingly new faces appeared 4:35 and said all we're going to 4:36 create this new political parties and 4:38 we're going to be up for vote and then 4:41 you saw kind of this okay 4:44 the Russians they pull back their tanks 4:46 they pull out their tanks but they leave 4:47 the KGB net there and I seen that I seen 4:52 it with with Germany as well and our 4:54 current Chancellor in the nineteen in 4:58 middle of the nineteen eighties she was 5:00 just a chemist or a chemist or physicist 5:04 and suddenly she was being positioned 5:07 right when the Gorbachev thing happened 5:11 in the background when it started in 5:13 these high-level meetings and then she 5:15 started with after the fall of the the 5:18 Berlin Wall she went into these KGB 5:20 control new groups in eastern Germany 5:23 then made her way up 5:25 so is this basically repetition in 5:28 Ukraine where you know one guy's removed 5:31 one unpopular guys removed like 5:34 Yanukovych and then you see these fresh 5:38 faces supposedly taking power but it's 5:42 it seems like just a rehash well it is 5:47 it's even deeper than having KGB moles 5:50 for example almost all of the leaders 5:53 that surfaced after the fall of the 5:55 Soviet Union such as liquid lenson pro 5:58 Poland or even Vaclav Havel and 6:00 Czechoslovakia turned out to be wrong 6:02 russian agents and that's very much was 6:06 in the news in poland i was when i 6:07 visited Poland after the fall i'm 6:10 surprised how many Poles knew that that 6:12 level enza was the former was a Russian 6:16 agent all the time that he was running 6:18 solidarity so in Ukraine for example 6:21 yulia tymoshenko has always has this are 6:26 of being pro-western but in fact she 6:29 played very seamlessly with Putin and 6:31 she didn't one of the the telling things 6:35 about the former Soviet satellite States 6:38 is that none of the new presidents who 6:40 are supposedly pro-western ever purged 6:43 the bureaucracy of the corrupt communist 6:46 elements that were there they continue 6:48 to commit to 6:49 you have their corrupt control even in 6:51 Ukraine and that's why most of the 6:53 Ukrainians don't like either side the 6:56 pro-western pro-western because they 6:58 realize that nothing changes in Ukraine 7:00 it's still the same old cronies that are 7:02 controlling things in in the government 7:04 now after the government plane crash the 7:09 Polish presidential plane and small ends 7:12 I we expected a big outcry of Western 7:17 governments we expected a big outcry in 7:20 the media mainstream media and 7:22 alternative media but there was a big 7:24 silence so you didn't see protest from 7:27 Western governments when the Polish 7:30 elite was apparently killed a few years 7:34 ago things 2010 you didn't see the 7:37 mainstream media making a big deal out 7:39 of it and the alternative media did not 7:41 make a big deal out of it 7:42 so where you see what do you see this 7:46 event and what do you think of the 7:48 reaction in the alternative media well 7:51 occasionally you even though for example 7:53 in Russia they control all the major 7:55 opposition parties the Communist Party 7:57 Underground has a above-ground faction 8:03 which controls about twenty percent of 8:05 the vote but they control united russia 8:07 they control all the other opposition 8:08 parties except the smallest ones in 8:10 Poland for example what happened is that 8:13 occasionally you do get a true 8:15 anti-soviet free-market person elected 8:19 which is what happened and so he had to 8:21 be killed when the Russians don't in 8:25 fact undermine any of these leaders then 8:28 you pretty well no they're probably in 8:30 the Russian pockets I mean it's just 8:32 like after Ceausescu was ousted and 8:36 killed in remaining because he wouldn't 8:38 step down he refused Moscow's orders 8:41 unlike Honaker was gone yeah he was shot 8:45 and then ill esq suppose who had 8:48 supposedly defected a couple of or six 8:51 months earlier in order to position 8:53 himself as a pro-western anti-communist 8:56 when I talked to the Romanians after esq 8:59 came to powershell he's just an old 9:01 communist he's not a 9:03 pro-western free-market guy and they 9:05 were absolutely correct 9:07 so the Soviets are really playing this 9:09 poroshenko today in Ukraine all of his 9:12 best friends are Russian oligarchs he 9:15 has seamless relationships with Moscow 9:18 the fact that he's supposedly a in 9:21 opposition to Russia is just a fraud for 9:24 example he promised in his campaign that 9:28 everyone would be able to speak their 9:30 preferred language in any sector of 9:33 Ukraine including the Russians and then 9:35 when he got elected he said no y'all 9:37 gotta speak Ukrainian 9:39 in other words he was purposely setting 9:42 it up so that the pro-western the 9:44 pro-russian forces in Ukraine would have 9:46 an excuse to hate the government 9:48 he sent in mercenaries who did ruthless 9:51 drive-by shootings in Ukraine he did 9:53 everything to sabotage the view in the 9:56 east of Ukraine of the Western 9:59 pro-western government as evil and so I 10:02 see them still actually playing both 10:05 sides and poisoning their own people 10:09 against the program does the supposedly 10:11 pro-western government now then we have 10:14 this big concept of Eurasia now in the 10:17 view of the influential Russian figures 10:21 and and thinkers like extremists like 10:25 Alexandra doing this Eurasia is just a 10:29 big fascist weird state like stretching 10:34 from from lissabon to Vladivostok now in 10:39 before this Ukraine crisis like up until 10:44 a few months ago 10:45 there's been a lot of talk in in 10:47 political circles in your about a 10:50 different kind of Eurasia meaning and 10:52 integration of the European Union and 10:54 Russia we saw the the one employee from 11:00 the European Union talking about you 11:02 know we need this this corporation so 11:04 they kind of sold this to politicians 11:07 and 11:08 you know not to the public as well but 11:11 not in a big extend yet they're selling 11:13 this idea of a nice version of Eurasia 11:15 where you have free trade zone between 11:19 Russia and and Europe then we had big 11:22 newspapers in Germany printing the blood 11:27 near Putin's call for this type of 11:29 integration meaning of free trade zone 11:33 no more of visa necessary for travel 11:37 between Russia and Europe and I always 11:39 said wait a minute this is completely 11:41 insane because if you have free travel 11:46 there's no protection against Russian 11:48 Russian agents anymore and and also all 11:52 companies in Europe would be vulnerable 11:55 you know they would have their patterns 11:57 stolen stolen they would have their 11:58 intellectual property stolen and so this 12:03 so-called nice version of Eurasia that 12:07 was promoted 12:09 Oh for a long time and was this 12:13 basically in your opinion kind of the 12:15 kind of the excuse to to facilitate the 12:23 help for Russia all the credit all the 12:25 the financial credit the technological 12:28 help military military goods that were 12:32 sold to Russia you know stuff that 12:34 people have been warning about but 12:35 apparently the argument was hey we want 12:39 this peaceful integration with the 12:42 European Union Russia and so we're not 12:45 going to criticize Russia is no matter 12:47 what they do 12:47 well it's a my answer has to be 12:51 necessarily complex because there are 12:56 two factions trying to help the Russians 12:58 the first is the angle American 13:01 establishment the globalist as we call 13:03 them and they're trying to help Russia 13:05 not because they're Marxist but because 13:08 they're trying to build an enemy to 13:11 eventually attack the West that's why 13:13 they brought now to power in 1949 it was 13:17 george catlett marshall and the u.s. 13:20 globalist who brought in 13:22 the power by cutting off aid to chiang 13:24 kai-shek they brought the Russians to 13:26 power the United States finance ears 13:29 gave 20 million dollars in gold to 13:31 Trotsky and the Bolsheviks they 13:35 undermined the White Russians when they 13:37 tried to go to war against the Red Army 13:40 they gave Russia the first enriched 13:43 uranium to build their nuclear weapons 13:45 shipped it from the United States to 13:48 Russia so the Russia could it do a 13:50 nuclear weapon within a year after world 13:52 war two 13:53 so you see we've been bringing communist 13:56 governments to power but not because 13:58 anglo-american globalist to communist 14:01 but because they're trying to build an 14:03 enemy and i'll explain the endgame of 14:05 that but in Europe you have a slightly 14:07 different situation you have the 14:10 socialist international which became 14:14 very powerful after World War Two this 14:16 was essentially a in Moscow front of 14:19 masquerading socialist but they were 14:22 working for Moscow and as you know 14:24 during the Bronze regime and in Germany 14:29 he had several Soviet spies working for 14:32 him 14:33 angola miracles of former communist now 14:35 Tony Blair was a Marxist in Britain for 14:37 example the new head of NATO this this 14:40 Norwegian guy he was a with the with the 14:44 Socialists in Norway what's his name 14:46 again the the new head of NATO he just 14:50 stepped in a few days ago he just 14:51 stepped up a few days ago to the into 14:54 this this position against open bags i 14:56 think his name and the key point alex is 15:01 that they appear to switch to the 15:04 globalist position when they get in to 15:07 the EU and tony blair when he became 15:09 during the Gulf War he switched to 15:11 becoming a rating globalist and uncle 15:14 America seems to be playing along but we 15:16 never know because these people are very 15:18 skilled at playing both sides and they 15:20 can they can play up to the globalist 15:24 and yet still be reporting back to 15:25 Moscow we really don't know it is very 15:29 difficult to know who's who 15:30 whether or not their real just socialist 15:33 or whether or not they're actually 15:34 taking orders from Moscow so many of the 15:36 people promoting a Eurasian integration 15:39 in Europe our Moscow driven agents 15:43 others are just globalist right now 15:46 their purposes are aligned together 15:48 boosting Russia protecting Americans and 15:52 Europeans from knowing that Russia is 15:54 really a threat but they will diverge at 15:58 some point and that will happen when I 16:01 believe in Russia and China are clearly 16:04 trying to build the latest state of 16:09 weapons of mass destruction even as 16:11 europe and the united states are 16:13 disarming in terms of nuclear weapons 16:17 I think what the globalist intend to do 16:19 by building Russia and China is to 16:21 induce them eventually to go through 16:24 with their long planned nuclear strike 16:27 on american and british nuclear forces 16:31 and what is this accomplished 16:33 well in terms of globalism the globalist 16:37 know that there is increasing resistance 16:39 to EU integration you saw in the 16:43 previous in the past election how much 16:46 opposition there is to further bu powers 16:49 returned to sovereignty in America we 16:52 see the same thing with the Tea Party 16:53 resisting more global integration and 16:59 for that reason the globalist know 17:01 they're going to have to give us a war 17:03 that will panic or force people into a 17:06 panic to accept a militarized version of 17:10 the global government which we do not 17:12 now have we got the United Nations as a 17:14 result of World War two but it basically 17:16 had no military powers has no financial 17:19 powers no taxing powers 17:21 eventually the globalist want to have 17:24 global military power global taxation in 17:27 a global currency and you can't get 17:29 there without a global government and 17:31 you can't get there at least as far as 17:33 Americans are concerned unless you have 17:35 a global any big sized at the size and 17:38 the interesting thing is by inducing a 17:41 nuclear strike on American forces and 17:44 that's part of the reason for 17:45 intervening in the 17:46 least is to build this reputation of the 17:50 US and NATO as the bully of the world 17:53 they are handing China and Russia the 17:55 excuse to attack and take down the bully 17:58 of the world but you see the Chinese and 18:01 Russians don't intend to attack civilian 18:03 targets in either the United States or 18:05 Europe only military targets then they 18:07 intend to blackmail the west into 18:09 submission and what are global leaders 18:13 come out of there deep underground 18:15 bunkers and say now the Russians and 18:17 Chinese deceived us but now that the 18:19 American military has been decapitated 18:21 and problem UK missiles will be hit as 18:26 well now that the American military has 18:29 been decapitated the world cannot defend 18:31 itself unless we join together and form 18:34 a global military power and I think 18:37 it'll be based around NATO I think 18:39 that's one of the reasons why they 18:41 created Isis as the new international 18:43 terror threat to have an excuse to 18:46 create a new military force which you 18:50 seen they went to extreme ends to try to 18:54 build a cobble together a military 18:57 strike force even though the US was 18:59 music capable of doing it all themselves 19:01 I think they're using international 19:04 terrorist excuse to build the 19:06 predecessor to this global military to 19:09 condition people to get used to having a 19:12 global military do their bidding now 19:15 first do you think that the American 19:18 establishment has already given up 19:22 Europe they have positioned themselves 19:25 so Europe will be taken by the Russians 19:27 no i don't 19:30 I in fact think that they won't they're 19:33 going to use the basis of NATO as the 19:36 core of the new global military now i 19:39 happen to have some information that the 19:43 US has a lot of secret weapon systems 19:46 that are capable of deterring a Russian 19:50 Chinese preemptive strike but they will 19:52 not use them until after the first 19:55 strike falls on American military forces 19:57 then they will use them and 20:00 I think a lot of those secret weapons 20:01 are space-based anti-missile systems 20:04 that can then stop for a period of time 20:07 Russian and Chinese nuclear attacks 20:09 while the West regroups I do think there 20:12 will be a land invasion by Russia they 20:15 will take back the former Soviet states 20:17 and they will get into the eastern 20:22 portions of Europe I don't know exactly 20:23 how far but i do think that it they will 20:28 not take all over Europe and the 20:30 Global's don't intend to yield all of 20:33 Europe but to get everyone together to 20:35 fight now because ultimately Russian 20:39 needs Western Europe technology i mean 20:42 they have still have these these 20:43 problems and a lot of the Russian 20:47 military production takes place in the 20:50 Ukraine and then we've seen that when 20:53 the Soviet Union fell they had this 20:55 large large gap in in technology and 20:58 then parts and pieces and that's why the 21:01 Western establishment delivered these 21:03 parts and pieces these necessary parts 21:05 and pieces to Russia to build them up 21:08 now in this strategy want Alex just let 21:11 me interject here that one of the ways 21:13 in which i think the West intense to win 21:16 this war even after absorbing a nuclear 21:19 first strike on American military forces 21:21 is sometimes during the progress of the 21:23 war I think they're going to cut a deal 21:25 with China to betray russia in exchange 21:31 like we did with Russia to give all this 21:32 aid in to rush i think China will accept 21:35 that same deal and then Russia cannot 21:37 win if the Chinese are at their back 21:40 door but i think that in the course of 21:43 the war the beginning part of the war 21:45 China who has a grudge match with Japan 21:48 will conquer Japan all the way down 21:51 through australia and perhaps new 21:53 zealand in order to protect this buffer 21:55 zone in the East for before she switches 21:59 sides and a tax Russia on the eastern 22:02 front and then Russia course cannot win 22:04 a two-front war any more than Hitler did 22:06 yes and in this strategy the Western 22:12 establishment 22:13 and could not just then defeat this big 22:17 enemy in the East they also could defeat 22:21 their enemies and home meaning the 22:22 Patriots meaning of the pro Constitution 22:26 people of the United States and maybe in 22:29 Europe because right now if if if those 22:32 critical of the new world order that the 22:34 western new order if those critical 22:36 switch elite will pledge allegiance to 22:39 Russia and think Russia is is the big 22:41 the big hope I mean isn't that wouldn't 22:44 be possible in the future for say the US 22:46 government designating a lot of these 22:49 Patriots as enemy combatants or foreign 22:52 agents you know Russian agents if they'd 22:55 known position themselves like day 22:56 they'd like a lot of them are doing well 22:59 let me explain I i have a little bit 23:01 different view on how I think that's 23:02 going to play out i think that the 23:08 American patriots who mistakenly view 23:10 Putin is there salvation against the New 23:13 World Order will immediately disavow 23:16 that position when Russia and China have 23:19 a nuclear strike in America no one in 23:21 America will take a pro-wrestler 23:22 position but what will happen is the 23:26 globe listen that's the reason for NSA 23:28 surveillance the globalist are 23:30 surveilling all content not just 23:34 metadata they're building lists on 23:37 dissidents that's why they put out 23:39 disinformation like a DHS buying two 23:42 billion bullets that just didn't happen 23:45 but they put it out there so they can 23:46 track the emails of who gets upset who 23:49 passes these emails on it helps them to 23:52 build these lists so i think it sometime 23:55 during the war when communications 23:58 re-established because it will start 24:00 with an EMP strike which will take down 24:02 communications and all traffic and 24:06 electricity and in the US and will cause 24:08 a great deal of panic but after things 24:10 start to knit back together i think the 24:12 globalist will say you know there are 24:15 people among our midst who are not 24:18 supporting our troops who think that we 24:20 are responsible for this war that we 24:22 were responsible for 911 which is true 24:25 by the way 9-11 was a 24:27 government operation from beginning to 24:28 end and we have the proof of that but I 24:32 think they'll have what we call a test 24:34 both of Allegiance or a new citizenship 24:38 of the world in other words saying that 24:40 we want to make sure that everyone comes 24:42 on board so we're gonna have a new 24:44 citizenship we pledge allegiance to the 24:46 world government and anyone who won't 24:48 take this pledge we won't respond to the 24:51 draft 24:52 that's right or respond to the draft and 24:55 so I think that's how they'll isolate 24:57 Patriots by the issue of conspiracy and 25:00 they'll call upon Americans and 25:02 Europeans to turn in to the authorities 25:04 those that believe in conspiracy it will 25:08 be a hallmark for dissidents in the 25:10 future now in in the past couple of 25:13 months we've seen parts of the the 25:18 alternative media in the West basically 25:20 just copying and pasting Russian news 25:26 stories most of the time fake news 25:28 stories are heavily distorted news 25:29 stories concerning the downing of the 25:33 flight mh17 concerning the fights in in 25:39 Ukraine concerning you know that 25:42 basically whether or not Russia has the 25:45 right of the the the right to occupy 25:50 Ukraine because this is our this 25:52 ridiculous argument that Ukraine belongs 25:54 to Russia now in all these cases you 25:57 seen fake news stories propaganda new 26:00 stories being copied and pasted and that 26:04 is kind of permeated the alternative 26:07 media and the West how how how competent 26:11 do you think Western alternative media 26:14 is or maybe how may be wishful thinking 26:20 plays a part in that when they say well 26:23 maybe Russia isn't that bad and we need 26:25 to support them 26:29 well they're the the art of 26:32 disinformation has become extremely 26:33 complex now the government in the United 26:37 States especially has a full-time team 26:40 of disinformation experts at MacDill Air 26:42 Force Base in in Florida who do nothing 26:45 but troll the internet pretending to be 26:47 conservatives and to place false 26:50 information and their purposes to get 26:53 conspiracy theory discredited by seeding 26:57 the the field with a lot of bogus 27:01 theories so that the rational people 27:04 just throw out all conspiracy theory one 27:07 of the ways in which they distort real 27:10 truth is called the false forgery in 27:14 other words they will forge a document 27:16 that contains truth confirming a 27:20 conspiracy and then two days later the 27:23 media will announce that it was a 27:25 forgery and they get people than to say 27:28 well therefore the content we have to 27:30 throw out as well as the the source of 27:33 the document and that's how they get 27:35 content destroyed in the United States 27:38 you know by creating these false 27:41 forgeries and so we have to be very 27:43 careful of what i call 27:44 too-good-to-be-true information and the 27:48 alternative media in answer to your 27:49 question directly is not very good at 27:52 discerning too good to be true false 27:56 information they get suckered in all the 27:59 time and part of that is because they're 28:02 so anxious to prove that the government 28:05 is going to implement martial law and 28:09 next week that it's very easy for 28:11 disinformation experts posing as members 28:14 of department of homeland security or 28:17 military saying I just heard that 28:20 there's going to be a takedown of 28:21 dissidence or I just heard the military 28:24 is going to overthrow Obama in two weeks 28:27 and I've been one of those on the 28:30 internet the alternative media leaders 28:32 who have basically tried to point out 28:35 why those are false 28:37 and I will make my case here that with a 28:39 total surveillance society Alex NSA 28:43 eavesdropping and there's no way anyone 28:45 in government can leak every week to 28:49 people like Alex Jones or Steve Quayle 28:52 or doug hagmann with inside room and not 28:55 get shut down and there's just no way 28:58 you could do that they would be able to 29:00 track it and so these people are 29:01 permitted leaks they're purposely 29:04 feeding false information in order to 29:06 get the conservative side of the 29:10 alternative media discredited and so is 29:15 another factor that plays into this I 29:17 think is the competition between media 29:21 outlets because nowadays a story has to 29:23 be viral it has to be quick it has to be 29:25 as you said it has the sound too good to 29:28 be true evidence you know like this 29:30 The Smoking Gun whatever might want to 29:33 call it because as we've seen time and 29:35 again a badly cobble together a video 29:38 online about mh17 or or the Ukraine 29:42 thing or whatever or how important is 29:45 going to save us all a a sloppy video 29:47 can get 10 million views in a few weeks 29:50 and so I think that even some of the 29:52 better outlets in the alternative media 29:54 they think they they were kind of in a 29:57 position where they have to compete 29:58 unless they get overtaken by some of 30:02 these these amateurs and do you think 30:06 that's that's that's part of this all 30:09 very much so and especially because 30:11 certain outlets like dave hodges or even 30:15 alex jones has a considerable reputation 30:19 for imminent threat of hyping imminent 30:24 threat and when it doesn't happen they 30:26 are eager to look for someone who will 30:29 provide a new story energetic full of 30:33 hype that will say that i wasn't really 30:35 wrong it's just been postponed and so 30:38 week after week you get the latest and 30:40 strongest story about imminent threat to 30:43 the constitutional conservatives by 30:46 government and most of it's false you 30:49 have to 30:49 look at the long term agenda and that's 30:52 why ice i have tried to explain my 30:55 position to people all over the world 30:57 there has to be a reason Alex why our 31:01 own government has been taking over a 31:04 hundred years to build both the Soviet 31:07 Union Russia and China as these two 31:10 major enemies giving them technology 31:12 using Israel to find funnel technology 31:15 to China which they do all the time 31:16 opening doors like like Bush Senior did 31:19 when he was the unofficial US ambassador 31:22 to to Communist China and he later said 31:25 he later said that china would have 31:27 would have been isolated for decades to 31:29 come if it wasn't for me that's exactly 31:33 right i mean people like Henry Kissinger 31:34 who gave the Russians the miniature ball 31:38 bearing technology that they didn't have 31:40 to move their missiles or to make 31:42 multiple independent reentry vehicles 31:44 that's called Merv and they didn't have 31:47 it they couldn't develop the technology 31:49 and so Kissinger authorized during the 31:51 Nixon a conservative Republican 31:53 administration to give the Russians the 31:56 power to create multiple warheads so 31:59 we're building the best enemies that 32:01 money combined there has to be a reason 32:03 Alex for that 32:04 that's why i say these people say 32:06 there's going to be an economic collapse 32:08 next week 32:09 Gordon you they've been saying that 32:10 forever 2010 they don't understand the 32:13 globalist agenda if they were to pull 32:16 the plug on the economy everybody would 32:18 know who to blame 32:19 exactly they know who would cut the 32:21 money supply but if they if you look at 32:23 what the the global have been trying to 32:25 do for decades in building up these 32:27 enemies 32:28 they're going to use those enemies to 32:30 create a war that will wipe down all 32:33 opposition 32:34 I mean it just won't be anybody willing 32:37 to stand up to the issue of a global 32:39 military force a global currency if 32:42 there's a nuclear war now in in Germany 32:45 we've seen as some pretty significant 32:48 signs that the days of Chancellor Angela 32:52 Merkel are numbered 32:54 there have been candidates groomed to to 33:00 to surpass her and one of these 33:04 candidates was a man called so good bag 33:07 you know he's he was he came out of 33:11 nowhere I mean it's his family they are 33:13 you know they have aristocratic titles 33:16 have been around for awhile but 33:17 politically this guy was unknown 33:19 suddenly there was him in the media and 33:23 of course the European media's is 33:25 follows what these American 33:28 organizations tell them basically this 33:31 this Atlantic connection and so this man 33:35 was groomed as as the new chancellor and 33:38 they gave him the post of Defense 33:40 Minister I gave him all this news 33:43 coverage all look at him in doing a 33:46 visit in in Afghanistan visiting the 33:48 troops and I thought he's like the exact 33:51 opposite of Angola Mackel because you 33:54 know first of all he's he's clearly 33:56 someone who is aligned with the American 33:59 establishment 34:00 he's someone who has ties to the 34:04 military some something you know you you 34:06 hehe had this this defense minister 34:10 position and he's also with the 34:13 aristocratic title he's supposed to be 34:15 kind of you know rooted in in Germany 34:19 and so then of course there was a 34:23 scandal because his his doctoral thesis 34:26 was apparently a a copy and paste job 34:31 and now they're they have a new person 34:32 they groom funder lion she's defense 34:36 minister right now and she's of course 34:39 Western global is she has also an 34:41 extra-credit title and of course he has 34:43 a time to the military now what do you 34:46 think is going to be will we see in 34:52 germany and in the United States will we 34:54 see kind of the end of these Marxist 34:59 heads of state like Obama and angle 35:01 America will we see kind of these new 35:03 these new ronald reagan types you know 35:06 who say a lot of good things but nothing 35:08 necessarily do a lot of good things what 35:11 do you think it's going to be you know 35:12 what is going to be the next president 35:13 like or the new chancellor in Germany 35:15 like well that's a very good Alex 35:18 analysis we have seen this much more 35:21 openly in the United States for example 35:23 in 2008 you have a candidate in the 35:27 United States Mitt Romney who inserted 35:29 himself because he had his own money 35:31 enough to finance his own campaign he 35:34 bent over backwards to please the 35:36 establishment he hired all of the 35:39 Council on Foreign Relations advisors 35:42 that every other controlled candidate 35:44 does but he wasn't control but he was 35:46 trying so hard to please the 35:48 establishment that you thought well 35:51 maybe they'll accept it but they did 35:53 they resurrected as you said out of 35:56 nowhere five new candidates one after 36:00 another they generated false push 36:02 polling we call it that is you generate 36:05 a false pole to show he's suddenly got 36:07 forty percent name recognition 36:09 he's the up-and-coming person and then 36:12 he fell by the wayside in the the first 36:14 primary election it became obvious that 36:16 the polls were false 36:18 they resurrected another one they did 36:19 this five times with various candidates 36:22 to try to defeat Romney and when they 36:25 couldn't they finally had to fudge the 36:28 and distort the actual vote they made 36:31 eight million u.s. votes disappear at a 36:34 moment in order to get Obama elected but 36:37 remember Obama in our particular case is 36:40 no longer a Marxist at some point he was 36:43 bought out by the globalist and became a 36:45 globalist I mean you don't make Marxist 36:50 wealthy mean is worth over 14 million 36:52 dollars to the public he's still a 36:54 leftist figure and yes will he be 36:56 surpassed by a Ronald Reagan type figure 36:59 he will in fact the powers-that-be in 37:01 the United States read the political tea 37:05 leaves if you will and they've 37:07 determined there so much hostility 37:08 towards Obama we've got to reduce that 37:12 hostility by giving them the appearance 37:13 of a conservative and so you'll have a 37:16 false conservative 37:17 rise up whether it's george bush or you 37:21 know they wanted Chris Christie who has 37:23 a lot of skeletons in his closet very 37:25 much a controlled person and just as you 37:28 saw in Germany was sooo good burger or 37:31 you know the one lion you know these are 37:35 people who are controlled conservatives 37:37 who will in fact not do anything 37:39 different they will give conservatives 37:41 the rhetoric they will maybe even talk 37:44 tough on Russia but they won't do 37:45 anything to stop the shipment of the mr. 37:48 all helicopter ships to from France to 37:54 Russia and those types of weapons 37:56 transfers know saying Obama said Obama 37:59 said those who still think about a 38:01 Russian threat they live in the past 38:03 yeah and and so they denigrate everyone 38:06 who is preparing in the United States 38:08 for nuclear war and I do a lot to try to 38:10 get people to be prepared individually 38:12 it's very telling that FEMA in the 38:15 United States the Federal Emergency 38:16 Management Association talks about food 38:19 storage and everything but they'll never 38:21 talk about fallout shelters they do not 38:23 want Americans prepared in the same 38:26 thing in in Europe because they want us 38:29 to have the maximum vulnerability so 38:32 that when our leaders come out of their 38:33 bunkers and I'm but believe me they've 38:36 got new bunkers that are half a mile 38:38 underground and they're not building 38:39 those because of terrorism has shown the 38:41 footage when they come out of their 38:43 bunkers they want Americans to be in a 38:45 panic so that they will accept whatever 38:49 they hand them as the false solution now 38:53 what do you think of this before we get 38:56 to the the atomic bomb shelters because 38:59 that's very interesting topic and of 39:01 course you're you're one of the leading 39:03 experts on it because we have when this 39:05 this this Scotland vote happened 39:10 we've been taking out some stuff about 39:12 Alex settlement in in in Scotland his 39:15 socialist past and and at some point the 39:19 Scottish National Party they tied 39:21 themselves to these left-wing causes 39:23 like nuclear disarmament and and so 39:27 forth and these big marches 39:30 denouncing the stationing of United 39:34 Kingdom nuclear weapons in Scotland and 39:38 the argument was well if all these nukes 39:40 are stationed here the Russians were 39:42 going to the Russians will hit us in in 39:44 Scotland and and they said that well 39:49 even if you have a shelter you will be 39:51 fried in your shoulder because Scotland 39:53 is so small there's just a crazy 39:55 anecdote out of this this whole 39:58 situation because in in the United 40:01 States of course shelters of different 40:04 kinds they have a much bigger tradition 40:07 or much much bigger 40:10 you see a lot more private bankers in in 40:15 Europe you see a lot of government 40:17 bunker especially in the mountains like 40:21 in Switzerland but before we get to the 40:23 topic of shelters are one more question 40:25 for you about this development in North 40:28 Korea now in this in this scenario 40:31 leading up to 20 20 or maybe a couple 40:35 years afterwards when the Russian 40:37 military has gained size and strength 40:39 and technology and that the Chinese are 40:42 are buying and building stuff as well 40:47 you always said that North Korea would 40:51 be the ideal the ideal situation to 40:57 start off this the to start of this this 41:00 avalanche of of evil 41:03 now now we have seen kind of the leader 41:06 of North Korea disappearing for a month 41:10 land there have been high-level visits 41:12 from the north to the south 41:14 do you think this is just some of these 41:17 generals maybe wanting to become 41:19 billionaires in a unified unified Korea 41:24 or do you think that this is just a ploy 41:27 to deploy to in preparation of an 41:32 all-out assault on the South because the 41:34 soft obviously as a base of operations 41:36 for American NATO 41:40 well it's a very good question i have 41:42 long postulated that as you outline that 41:46 North Korea is the most likely trigger 41:48 event for world war three and there has 41:53 to be a reason Alex to explain why the 41:56 US has basically given North Korea pass 42:01 meaning that there's no regime change 42:04 required there the new the military 42:06 option is not on the table for North 42:08 Korea even though it's the most 42:09 aggressive predator rogue nation in the 42:13 world or appearance of a rogue nation it 42:15 has nuclear weapons it has the missiles 42:17 to deliver those even to Hawaii or parts 42:20 of the United States and yet we don't 42:22 require move regime change we always 42:25 look the other way when they violate the 42:27 latest nuclear treaties contrast this 42:31 with Iran who i believe yes is trying to 42:35 develop a nuclear weapon but there's 42:36 still a long ways away and they don't 42:38 have intercontinental ballistic missiles 42:41 to deliver it and yet we've been 42:42 demanding regime change there since 2004 42:45 and it's of it was at least at that time 42:49 a fairly civilized mirror pro-western 42:52 country and yet what's the economy about 42:55 I think it's because the global is know 42:57 that China which now controls North 43:00 Korea is going to use North Korea as the 43:03 trigger event so in order to be a good 43:05 trigger first of all you've got to have 43:07 an unstable country so that it can 43:08 appear to be a rogue attack that isn't 43:11 controlled directly by China and the 43:14 North Korean military ever since soon 43:21 will you know the original grandfather 43:24 of the Kim family who certainly created 43:26 the world was but was born in and Soviet 43:28 territory i believe that's right but you 43:31 see him he ran for 46 years North Korea 43:34 with an iron hand and he got the 43:35 military into this hyped-up posture of 43:39 attack on the west is imminent attack or 43:42 by the West in attack on South Korea 43:44 something you gotta train for and so 43:46 North Korea periodically about every six 43:48 months or so attacks South Korean some 43:50 minor way and I think they're doing this 43:53 to keep 43:54 south korea's off balance so that they 43:56 won't know when it's a real attack or 43:59 whether or not it's just one of these 44:00 smaller probing attacks but as the 44:08 various sons of Kim came into power for 44:11 17 years and then now the grandson 44:14 commune moon is in power they have 44:19 basically lost competency in other words 44:22 other powerful figures are controlling 44:26 things in North Korea and China is 44:28 ultimately tied to those military 44:30 leaders in controlling them they take 44:32 orders from china and so while they 44:35 allow came to think that he or you know 44:37 to think that he's the leader there has 44:41 been a lot of reshuffling a lot of 44:43 purging going on because there is a 44:46 change my but let there be no doubt 44:48 China still has a stronghold and it has 44:51 basically given the orders to the people 44:53 behind the scenes do a piece offensive 44:56 with South Korea we've got several years 44:58 before we're ready to attack so we want 45:01 a piece offensive so as to disarm South 45:03 Korea to disarm the west into thinking 45:06 we're more benevolent so I don't think 45:08 anything is really changing but i don't 45:09 think you know is in fact the true 45:12 leader of North Korea anymore 45:14 well I mean he's he was a thing second 45:16 or third choice because i think is one 45:19 of his brothers was called in think in 45:22 disneyland and it costs a kind of a 45:24 diplomatic embarrassment but so one more 45:31 question about the United States and I 45:33 want to get into the topic of strategic 45:36 relocation and and personal shelters now 45:39 a question about question about Senator 45:43 Rand Paul now of course in Europe the 45:46 media has largely been quiet about the 45:49 to paul's 45:50 and now the the younger one rand paul 45:54 she's been talking a lot about nuclear 45:58 disarmament and his father Ron Paul I 46:01 think his is ron paul institute has been 46:04 very soft on Russia is this kind of the 46:07 this is kind of just this this 46:09 non-interventionist kind of core policy 46:14 they just want to you know deescalate 46:17 things or do you think maybe they are 46:21 bit misguided maybe they do think Russia 46:24 has become a Christian conservative 46:26 nation 46:27 well I'm personal friends with ron paul 46:31 and I've talked to this about this to 46:34 him he is true a true libertarian and 46:39 he's a very strong anti globalist and he 46:43 basically has been schooled for so long 46:46 about the false warmongering agenda of 46:50 the US government creating wars in 46:52 intervention for other ulterior motives 46:54 that he's kind of taken the position 46:56 philosophically that anyone who's an 46:59 enemy of the globalist really isn't an 47:01 enemy must be a friend bars and so for 47:05 that reason he soft on China he does not 47:07 realize that China and Russia are really 47:10 true threats and so it's an unfortunate 47:14 thing but he's totally sincere hasn't 47:18 seen a lot of the evidence and is 47:20 resistant to it but it's not like the 47:23 various neo-cons you know who are taking 47:26 a position because of ulterior motives 47:28 so the Paul family is very sincere I 47:31 don't take the establishments going to 47:32 allow Rand Paul to get the presidency or 47:35 the nomination because even though he's 47:38 bending over backwards like Mitt Romney 47:40 to go along to a certain extent with the 47:44 establishment 47:45 he's also not been compromised morally 47:48 and they cannot allow that's one of the 47:51 reasons why they could not allow Mitt 47:53 Romney to gain the White House part of 47:55 the usual you would see so much black 47:58 operations in there like Benghazi that 48:01 mitt romney would not have tolerated 48:02 where he is 48:04 it and they they don't want to have to 48:05 control them like they did Ronald Reagan 48:07 with an assassination attempt they want 48:09 real good puppets in there and neither 48:12 Rand Paul or and back the puppets have 48:14 to have a lot of dirt they have to have 48:16 dirt on them so that they can blackmail 48:18 them into submission 48:20 so you think has a real shot at the 48:22 White House well rand paul is the one 48:26 the establishment will have to defeat 48:27 because he's the one who's got the 48:29 strongest chance of joining conservative 48:32 so they will have to defeat him 48:34 they're going to they've got another 45 48:37 people in the wings they're going to try 48:39 Jeb Bush Marco Rubio but there's four or 48:42 five other that will come out of nowhere 48:45 as you said if the first to fail or 48:49 chris Christie fails they'll bring them 48:50 out of nowhere and they'll do false push 48:53 polling in order to you know to convince 48:57 people that these people are be able 48:59 we've shown our audience parts of your 49:06 presentation on video presentation 49:09 interview on strategic relocation so our 49:13 audiences is broadly aware that you know 49:16 your favorite the intermountain west of 49:18 the United States and our audience is 49:23 aware that of course you are advised 49:24 against densely populated areas and our 49:28 audience was of course most interested 49:29 in in in what you have to say about 49:34 Europe could you give people a an 49:40 overview of what to you know what to 49:43 think of when they consider leaving 49:47 their country emigrating to another 49:49 country when people want to position 49:51 themselves would be wise to go to Spain 49:55 or would be wise to try Switzerland 49:58 would be wise to just say well if I'm a 50:01 conservative Patriot if I'm aware of all 50:04 these issues maybe its smartest to just 50:07 try to get into the United States or 50:09 Canada 50:10 well I do think that the United States 50:13 and Canada even though the United States 50:15 will be subject to a nuclear strike 50:17 it will be limited to military targets 50:19 so I think there's a great deal of wide 50:21 open spaces in the West that would be 50:24 good for anybody who can get here canada 50:26 has even more wide-open spaces 50:28 the problem with candidate is that its 50:31 government is a yes man to the New World 50:33 Order they will do whatever the 50:35 globalist government America dictates so 50:38 i suspect that dissidents will not be 50:40 welcome in Canada as they were during 50:43 the Vietnam War what a lot of people 50:45 can't get to the United States and so 50:48 let's talk a little bit about Europe 50:50 I've traveled extensively in Europe and 50:53 and no the country's pretty well 50:55 traditionally in wartime Spain has been 50:58 the country most distant from invasions 51:03 from the east and that remains so in the 51:06 future environment with an invasion from 51:08 Russia and yet spain is much more 51:13 densely populated now it's much more 51:15 controlled by the EU it's very likely to 51:18 have a lot of controls against people 51:21 escaping to Spain it may not have that 51:24 neutral aspect that it did during World 51:26 War Two austria and switzerland with its 51:32 mountain areas do provide the 51:35 traditional safe haven if you have royal 51:39 underground cabins or second homes there 51:42 and I emphasize like the Swiss that 51:45 people need to have fallout shelters or 51:48 safe rooms and I also believe that they 51:50 need to be concealed because our own 51:53 governments being globalist or tied to 51:56 the Globus will probably go after just 52:00 like they've gone after Holocaust 52:02 deniers in in europe someday conspiracy 52:05 believers will be like Holocaust deniers 52:08 and they'll be hunted and I think 52:10 perhaps locked up so the Jews of world 52:13 war three are going to be the conspiracy 52:15 believers and the Conservatives who 52:18 believe in sovereignty and 52:19 constitutionalism and real strict 52:22 adherence to religious values and so I 52:26 think it's important that people prepare 52:28 to hide people just like the story of 52:30 corrie ten boom 52:31 woman belgium hiding Jews people need to 52:33 prepare in advance for hidden rooms 52:36 hidden places safe rooms that are 52:39 concealed so that they can hide their 52:41 their stock piles of food because there 52:44 will be famines someday during this next 52:46 war i think an EMP strike is likely to 52:49 hit Europe as well and so there could be 52:52 a very real social panic in the major 52:55 cities so people do need to have their 52:57 stockpile secured in a place away from 53:00 the cities and need to prepare plans to 53:02 get out of the cities to get to those 53:03 safe places so what do you think about 53:07 because a lot of people tend to tend to 53:10 gravitate towards South America I mean 53:13 but South America right now it seems to 53:15 be aligned with the bricks Empire and 53:18 there's there's a lot of activity down 53:20 there and I think even chilly now has 53:24 socialist government it's it's it's 53:27 pretty unstable you know things are 53:29 shifting like a few decades is there any 53:32 place you recommend in in Latin America 53:35 well there is and I've lived in Latin 53:38 America for several years before i leave 53:40 Europe to let me just say that this 53:41 norway and sweden in the northern 53:45 portion offer some of the best respite 53:48 sin nor in in europe i do believe that 53:51 southern sweden and norway will be 53:53 occupied by the Russians just because 53:55 they have to control the the waters of 53:59 the warm Baltic Sea that is the most 54:04 past denmark and so they're going to 54:05 have to occupy those countries but i 54:07 don't think they'll get into the north 54:08 in the cold areas where people can have 54:11 retreats in South America for example at 54:17 least half of the country's now in South 54:19 America are clearly communist and will 54:22 align themselves with Russia and China 54:24 during the next war so I don't think 54:26 expatriates will do very well in those 54:30 countries when suddenly the u.s. is 54:32 decapitated militarily it doesn't have 54:34 any power over Latin America they're 54:36 going to say alright all you Americans 54:38 or your ass down here 54:40 remember when their tourism and their 54:42 economies go to pot as well 54:44 they will then start to confiscate 54:47 foreign bank accounts and even foreign 54:49 properties as well so I don't hold out 54:52 Latin America as a good bet because of 54:55 the lack of property rights law there 54:58 and the fact that there's a lot of 55:01 Marxist being trained in the 55:03 university's there in the government 55:05 there in the elite and I think there's 55:07 going to be a hostility towards people 55:09 who really believed in freedom that said 55:11 uruguay and chili are still the best two 55:13 countries in Latin America if you're 55:15 going to seek a safe haven even though 55:17 uruguay is governed by the frente amplio 55:21 the the wide front which is a leftist 55:24 organization the current president is a 55:28 very mild-mannered left us who believes 55:31 in a lot of freedom and liberty for 55:33 people and so you can find a lot in the 55:35 interior of Uruguay and Chile has a lot 55:40 of real country as well where you can 55:41 find a lot of you know friendly people 55:46 but you're going to have to know the 55:47 language to go rural there 55:49 my wife told me that because we spend 55:52 spend a couple of years in in Latin 55:54 America he said that some prominent 55:58 prominent rich people think that bought 56:00 properties in in in Chile mean some of 56:03 the really really wealthy people and so 56:07 when you drive through there you know 56:10 through some of their lanes of course 56:11 you can drive through because of the 56:12 roads but you cannot really stopped 56:14 because once you stop you get a 56:16 not-so-friendly visit from people in in 56:19 you know blacked-out SUVs telling you to 56:22 move move on place and so if people now 56:26 in Europe think that ok I'm gonna buy a 56:31 maybes some cheap property in Spain you 56:34 know maybe in the south or I'm going to 56:36 stay here in Europe where it's kind of 56:38 role and not so densely populated and 56:41 and people think I i also need shelter i 56:44 need my own shelter now you're the 56:47 expert on this 56:49 what can what would people need to look 56:52 out for where can they go 56:53 what how can people get their their own 56:56 children 56:58 well you in the United States we have a 57:01 lot of prefabricated shelters out of 57:04 steel and fiberglass that are buried in 57:06 the ground and i don't i don't recommend 57:08 these I'm glad you don't have these in 57:11 Europe because to have a big shelter on 57:14 a truck come in with a crane and dig a 57:16 hole and put it in your backyard 57:17 everybody in the neighborhood knows it's 57:19 there i prefer that shelters be 57:23 exclusively done as part of basement 57:26 space underground and sometimes under a 57:29 car park under a garage is one of the 57:31 best places to put it because no one 57:33 expects there to be a basement under a 57:35 garage and you can work in there are 57:38 people see what's been done there 57:40 that's right and so you need to have an 57:41 excuse that i'm just adding to the house 57:44 on building a basement you end up 57:46 pouring a concrete slab over that 57:48 portion of the basement 57:50 nobody thinks anything about that in 57:51 Switzerland because homes used to be 57:54 required to have a shelter in there 57:56 though they were very big i believe in a 57:58 lot bigger shelters just because it's 58:01 not just safeguarding people from 58:03 radiation you've got a safeguard your 58:04 supplies and your stock piles from 58:07 confiscation or from pillaging mobs of 58:10 people but basement space is the key 58:13 you've got to have at least 12 inches 58:17 what is that about about a third of a 58:21 meter of concrete over-the-top to shield 58:24 against radiation and you need to have 58:26 ventilation that comes up into a house 58:29 where you can hide the stacks because of 58:31 people put your ear to a ventilation 58:33 pipe you can hear everything that's 58:35 being said in a shelter so you want 58:37 those ventilations to pipe to come out 58:39 through the ceiling like plumbing 58:41 ventilation or inside the attic space 58:43 with your filters on it so that you have 58:46 filtered air coming into the shelter so 58:49 it if an American came to you and said I 58:52 need a shelter could what would you tell 58:56 him and what are you telling European 58:57 that comes to you and says i need a 58:59 shelter 59:00 well we have a small design firm that 59:05 designs high-security residences and 59:07 retreats and we're extremely busy as you 59:10 say so we wouldn't be able to do 59:13 anything but we do have a couple of 59:15 books that tell how to do it yourself 59:19 and how to design it my big book is the 59:21 secure home and it's available on the 59:25 internet so it has the architectural 59:27 drawings of how to do a shelter as a 59:30 remodeling we also have a book called 59:32 the high-security shelter book which 59:34 talks about how to do a out of concrete 59:38 block how to build a shelter in an 59:40 existing basement and I know there are 59:42 many places in Europe that have existing 59:44 basements and it shows how to do that

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Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me." UNKNOWN

Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Morpheus The Matrix 1999