Freedom Act worse than The Patriot Act

 American Freedom Act Is Fascism On Steroids 

On tonight's show will be WND writer Alex Newman who will be discussing the American Freedom Act and what we can expect as far as surveillance in the future. Did Rand Paul conspire with the President, Facebook, and Palantir owner Peter Theil to get the Freedom Act pushed through? Pete and his crew will be talking about these topics and much more on tonights show.

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ROAD TO WW3 : Putin Slaps NATO Secretary General

 ROME | The B-52 Stratofortress - the backbone of American nuclear response during the cold war is currently deployed in Operation Saber Strike within the NATO exercises codenamed Operation Atlantic Resolve. This is more proof that the Cold War rivalry between the United States and Russia has new life. Amidst these rising tensions Vladimir Putin just gave NATO's Jens Stoltenberg a slap across the face in an awkward attempt to ease fears of a global conflict.

While Stoltenberg was in Washington making his case against Russia to the "American War Party" he declared Russian advances and military exercises on the Ukrainian border as part of an emerging threat to Europe.

As we've been following in the news room - both US/NATO Forces and Russian forces have been escalating military exercises and testing each other's border security.

Most recently a Russian SU 24 attack fighter buzzed the USS Ross in the Black Sea.

Now Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has quoted Putin's insult of Stoltenberg:

"Only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack Nato."

Obviously Stoltenberg and his advisors have considered such a scenario.

Rhetoric is rhetoric but on the world stage accusing another world leader of riding the crazy train is another form of posturing. Another move on to chessboard if you will.

With NATO troops testing Antiballistic Missile defense systems and 13,000 coalition forces at the ready, deciding to insult them all isn't the wisest of moves - which begs the question... Who is driving the Crazy Train, Stoltenberg or Putin?

If you ask me, I'll get off at the next stop.

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Entity Attack - Coast To Coast AM - June 5, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - June 5, 2015 Entity Attack & Open Lines

Filling in for George, Dave Schrader welcomed paranormal researcher Gavin Lee Davies, who discussed an aggressive haunting in a small Welsh town in which a tormented young couple fought to keep their home and their lives together after a terrifying and ferocious entity attack. Open Lines followed in the latter half.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

Will the Collapse of the USA Make A Civil War - Morris

we could spend all our time wondering how america's gonna collapse 0:03 United States I mean it's been defying collapse for decades 0:08 it species will continue but is unlikely 0:12 were all expecting the clap so the dollar or 0:15 have some form of collapse of the social structure 0:18 and one wonders where could end it the official is just 5 percent of the people 0:24 out of work 0:25 but in reality well according to the Sputnik news agency 0:29 there's 18 to 23 percent unemployed who knows what the real figures are 0:34 those over 50 million on 0:37 like food stamps and benefits and there's not much hope out there 0:42 you know love people say well it's all controlled by Zionists with which is now 0:48 your 0:48 the headquarters design is amiss being put in israel but 0:52 we know there is i anus Christian Zionists also its designers 0:56 but then there's a whole other category of people that don't 0:59 consider themselves zionist but they don't wanna be critical it is really 1:04 don't wanna say Israel controls everything you know 1:06 you know the drought that they're happy to be critical United States is very 1:09 strange because the light was to be American citizens 1:12 but they won't home in on the foreign control the gonna be labeled as 1:16 anti-semites and they're just as bad or worse 1:23 I mean a lease with design issue no what you're dealing with 1:27 the others it just free to talk 1:30 there will be a an anti-semite saying that the Jews a controlling everything 1:34 anyway jews in a race I'm not a Jew 1:38 I was raised up nurtured to be a Jew 1:41 but it's not in my blood that's their law 1:44 not my law their lawyers has got to be in your blood anyway 1:49 maybe they'll be a civil war in the United States 1:53 who would it be there's a racial element 1:58 their white people very sensitive to their heritage there are 2:01 black people there are hispanics 2:06 there's the prospect of martial law 2:08 there's the prospect very much up for american troops being used 2:13 and trying to take the guns away from people is just 2:17 don't know where does speculate how it's gonna collapse 2:21 but the jobs going out and the boys are more more expensive 2:25 and the debt is going up in its many many trillions of dollars that cannot be 2:29 paid 2:30 so 2:35 a class will probably happen very quickly as opposed to gradually 2:39 they were actually chinese companies now withdrawing from 2:43 United States sir from being listed in a on the 2:47 exchange in Osaka exchange and choosing to use it instead 2:51 on the Shanghai exchange so there's a UMass 2:55 migration away from america even though the capitalism 2:59 Shanghai once we rated up there along with New York to London 3:03 meantime I'll you got the New York Times 3:07 try cause sinus mouthpiece supporting wars rationalizing the wars 3:11 I'll featuring article about 3:14 somalis being invited to a main community to form the police force 3:20 in other words the picked up some somalis 3:23 moved into the united states and their integrating them into US 3:27 which is the game plan at work is the evidence a bomb 3:30 the game that plays just transporting all 3:34 native indigenous people away I mean somalis been a hotbed of 3:38 proxy wars and an american involvement all along 3:41 so joining the dots 3:45 we can see what they were doing in somali bombing it and and making trouble 3:50 there 3:50 is to get them to migrate to London 3:53 Paris New York America an absurd thing to do wish to do but that's what is 4:01 governing the world 4:02 and no publicity is given to it as it being 4:07 partisan agenda it's all Justin 4:10 symptoms of wars and conflicts you know you know Yemeni refugees by the million 4:14 coming 4:15 now this is this is a a feather in the cap old 4:18 design this war mongering and 4:23 and you all the countries are in huge debt I mean if their fortune off to a 4:27 skate war 4:28 and refugees they've got these huge debts the can't pay 4:31 and so that's the case Greece it can't pay its debts 4:34 it's not the only country pender people are withdrawing the money out of the 4:38 banks 4:39 and it brings to light the nature of the banks that they don't actually hold all 4:44 the money 4:44 that they were in control of just a small percentage 4:48 well China star in Asian investment bank 4:53 multi-billion dollars gonna supersede all the other banks 4:58 on 5:04 the 5:07 so George Galloway who i've seen. see saudis 5:10 pro-law studies da and DA studies brotha you don't know 5:14 he's a politician also is human and it would be very reasonable 5:17 to she saw we all do one person's on left then he moved to the right 5:22 that he gave a party politics and saw the mall is criminals 5:25 but anyway he's running for London Mayor Annise a charismatic person who knows 5:31 how to talk 5:32 and he wants to have Max Keiser as is 5:35 economic adviser is all publicist the stunts but 5:38 is worth a repeat you know 5:41 it's someone that we've known I love championing 5:45 the underdog the Palestinian cause cetera but he lost his election 5:50 in the Muslim community where he was before Bradford 5:53 and he is a politician 5:57 Jeremy Corbin is also 6:00 what you'd say on the the outside of the mainstream British politics is known for 6:05 being anti war in on the left and he certainly in a minority 6:08 and he's trying to run for leadership for the labor party 6:19 is better them most politicians 6:23 but we we don't need 6:26 anything anymore are 6:30 political paradigm no longer works and no one could stand up against it 6:35 not George Galloway not Jeremy Corbyn 6:39 no one can stand up against 6:42 this monstrosity is running the world is creating 6:47 huge amounts of bloodshed and devastation 6:50 everywhere a message to refugees and just sing refugees is just a small part 6:55 of the story 6:56 these people being terrorized they've lost relatives they've been turned 7:00 against their neighbours 7:01 they've lived together for thousands of years with other people 7:04 to a different sects suddenly is a major divide 7:07 this be encouraged everywhere and it will be encouraged in the coming 7:11 American Civil War you have a color revolution inside America 7:14 you have people being supplied weapons to fight each other 7:19 with no idea what's gonna trigger it if it happens 7:22 but somehow america's to collapse from the inside 7:25 not from the outside that's what happens two empires 7:29 that's how the collapse 7:38 the deputy secretary of state for the United States 7:41 thinkin has said that airstrikes have killed 7:45 10,000 ices fighters I was suppose to 7:51 believe America doesn't like I said I think america's terrify devices 7:56 I also is a player's supporting ices many are allies of the United States 8:00 but the world is gassed 8:04 the Caliphate was destroyed in the Ottoman times 8:07 they don't want an Islamic state so 8:12 Iran his sending fifteen thousand fighters to Syria 8:17 to fight the ice is 8:20 and hi sis is allies immediately province and 8:25 Iranian general has said this while visiting Syria he wasn't with Takia 8:29 and these fighters that Iran is sending 8:33 they're they're more like militias there there not really a regular Iranian Army 8:38 soldiers but you can see the war is expanding 8:42 and depending on the Iran talks in resolutions the Iran talks this month 8:46 that that could mushroom outta control a.m. 8:51 its its escalating is is the point 8:54 you go to war by proxy nail and 8:59 there are right-wing forces in lebanon big big huge mistake 9:05 taken infinity to explain to understand take a long time 9:09 so the fighters iran is sending a you come from Iran 9:13 iraq probably Yemen 9:16 and Lebanon its 9:21 I is not black water but there's something you know it's not a state 9:24 government 9:25 body either is not a military outfit so they're fighting in phnom 9:31 around hosokawa in the northeast of Syria now 9:35 it borders the Turkish area and M 9:39 the kurds say the jihadists are likely to win 9:43 and the government Syria forces will retreat 9:47 that they have generally been treating retreating over the last month 9:50 losing territory to the insurgency 9:54 to the jihadists but Nasrallah 9:58 is saying he can make a million israeli 10:01 refugees now I just saw this in French and I don't speak French 10:06 but it translated like that he can make a million 10:10 israeli refugees it's long been touted that next war with Hezbollah 10:16 will include hezbollah going into Israel 10:19 a say the Northern Cali area 10:22 so we can assume that's true 10:26 tunnel warfare has become very sophisticated in the three years of 10:30 fighting in Syria 10:31 tunnels are being extensively used and Hezbollah 10:35 uses bonkers a great deal so 10:39 on towards war we go 10:43 if you can send any donations 10:46 please send whatever you can I 10:49 depend on the donations totally and completely

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This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world.

By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished."

USA Banker's Magazine, August 25 1924

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Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
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Because I was not a Jew.
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Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

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