Alex Jones Destroys Peirs Morgan of CNN about Guns Control

I don't understand how our rights are being challenged by these elected government  officials! It's unconstitutional! We are not "gun loving bastards' we are Constitutional loving Americans! The 2nd Amendment is the right is that I have the right to arms. The government shall not infringe on that, Period!

Alex Jones Threatened with Arrest by TSA

Radio talk show host and ardent Homeland Security critic Alex Jones was detained by the TSA at Austin-Bergstrom airport earlier today and threatened with arrest for refusing to take his shoes off at a security checkpoint.

Piers Morgan defends his position on Gun Control Controversy

Mr Morgan does like to cite 'gun crime" but what he does not like to talk about at all, is actual crime rates that rise dramatically when guns are banned. Rapes, home invasions, robbery, assault, murder by other types that SKYROCKET because people can no longer defend themselves after such bans. Less than .01% of all gun crimes are done by legitimate owners of guns. Pretty damn good. More murders are done by hands and feet according to the FBI.

2012-2013 Prophecies fulfilled

It's not about waking up. A person chooses to remain in the darkness, because the darkness is where evil deeds are covered up. The evidence of evil which has penetrated the world and its people (hopefully) will cause some to seek the Light,Prophecies are being fulfilled, But God tells you to not fear, he also tells you to be still and know that I AM GOD. Allow all the things that you are about to see, as confirmation to the truth.

Anonymous Leaks Chilling Video in Case of Alleged Steubenville Rape, Cover-Up

While Americans continue to believe Islam oppresses woman, here is what they do in their free country: the local football team tours the town while carrying around a 16 year old girl who is so drunk and drugged out she is to as "the dead girl", while they continuously rape her as they drag her from house to house "sharing" her with friends and teammates. They feel the raping is so hilarious that they take pictures and video if if only to later dread it around on twitter and Facebook. - We turn to Steubenville, Ohio, where members of a high school football team allegedly raped an underage girl and possibly urinated on her unconscious body over the course of an evening of partying in late August. The young men chronicled their actions on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But after many in the town of Steubenville, including the high school football coach, rallied to the players' defense, the hacker group "Anonymous" vowed to release the accused players' personal information unless an apology was made. Anonymous has since released a video showing a male Steubenville high schooler joking about the alleged victim. We're joined by three guests: Monika Johnson Hostler, president of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence; Kristen Gwynne, an associate editor at Alternet; and "X", a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous using a pseudonym.

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National Debt Made Easy

Money is a Physical Manifestation of an Abstract Concept - it's a Tally Chart of Human Effort. Without this record-keeper, some in society will work too hard, and others - not at all.Money is a human abstraction. Until people realize it's not real they'll continue to believe in it.

U.S. Tax Revenue: $2,400,000,000,000
Federal Budget: $3,540,000,000,000
New Debt: $1,140,000,000,000
National Debt: $16,471,000,000,000
Unfunded Liabilities: $122,176,871,000,000

Let's now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:

Annual family income: $24,000
Money the family spent: $35,400
New debt on the credit card: $11,400
Outstanding balance on the credit card: $164,710
Mortgage balance: $1,221,768

The Future of America hidden in Ancient Bible Mystery ~ The 9 Harbinger Warnings Signs

Jonathan Cahn "the Harbinger " Prophecy 2013 , was 911 a Warning from God to America ?

The next few years will be like no other ones in our history. America will never be the same. But, with this judgement will come a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom... you should read George Washington's inauguration speech given in New York just steps away from ground zero. New York was America's first capital before it was moved to Washington, DC. As the head of our military he saw God's hand on our efforts to defeat the mighty British Empire. He dedicated America to God on that day & declared that if we ever turned away from God our Nation suffer His judgement. America has crossed a line & God has removed His hand of protection. It is coming... America has not listened to God's warning. It is very apparent from this last election. This last election was in total defiance to God. Gay marriage, mass murder of unborn children, every lustful desire, and even legalizing drugs. God has turned his back on America because we turned our backs on God and Israel. Its sad to see how far this once great nation has fallen. Things are going to get heavy over the next few years. Prophecy will be fulfilled like never before.

2013 Martial Law Coming to America

This is about the coming war in America. We are slowly being set up for war. Americans are turning in their guns to the same government that ships weapons to Mexico and other nations. Its TIME to STAND up as a NATION as a people no matter what your skin color or background may be and take back our LIBERTY and LIFE FROM THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT! Government cant give you what GOD has already given you. WE the people are the employers of the government the government answers to us NOT us the people answering to this joke of a GOVERNMENT.

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Henry Kissinger

once a standing army is established, in any country, the people lose their liberty.”
George Mason

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
Henry Kissinger

“If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”
Henry Kissinger

"We don't let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?" Joseph Stalin

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin

Governments keep a lot of secrets from their people . . .
Why aren't the people in return allowed to keep secrets
from the government?


“Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.”

Rabbi Stephen Weiss

“Anti-Communism is Anti-Semitism.”
Jewish Voice, July - August 1941

Taxing People is Punishing Success

There's the rich, the poor, and the tax payers...also known as the middle class. Robert Kiyosaki

The Tax you pay is The Bill for Staying Stupid

Stefan Molyneux

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is, perhaps, the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banks can in fact inflate, mint and un-mint the modern ledger-entry currency.” Major L L B Angus

The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent on its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.
The Rothschild Bros

"Debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages must be foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people lose their homes they will become more docile and more easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a central power of wealth under control of leading financiers.

This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world.

By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished."

USA Banker's Magazine, August 25 1924

Cutting Tax Rates stimulates Economic Growth creates more Profit , more Jobs and therefore The Treasury ends up with more Tax Money

Taxation is legalized Theft

"The Objective of the Bank is not the control of a conflict , it's the control of the debt that a conflict produces . The real value of a conflict , the true value is in the debt that it creates . You control the debt , you control everything . this is THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY , to make us all , whether we be nations or individuals , SLAVES TO DEBT " An UNKNOWN Banker

Patriotism is the last refuge... to which the scoundrel clings .... Steal a little and they throw you in jail ..steal a lot and they make you king ....

Bob Dylan

"Corporations are stealing billions in tax breaks, while the confused, screwed citizenry turn on each other. International corporations have no national allegiance, they care only for profit." Robert Reich

There is NO political answer to a spiritual problem!
Steve Quayle

litical Correctness is a Political Stand Point that does not allow Political Opposition , This is actually The Definition of Dictatorship
Gilad Atzmon

The modern definition of racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal
Peter Brimelow

When People lose everything and have nothing left to lose , They Lose It !


Your Greatest Teacher is Your Last Mistake

The one who Controls the Education System , Controls Perception

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

Albert Einstein

In The Left Nothing is Right & in The Right nothing is Left

No man escapes when freedom fails; The best men rot in filthy jails. And those that cried 'Appease! Appease!' Are hanged by those they tried to please

Freedom is not Free

Don't Steal The Government Hates The Competition

Ron Paul

"Buy The Rumor , Sell The Fact " Peter Schiff

You can love your Country and not your Government

Jesse Ventura

" The Government Works for ME , I do not answer to them They Answer to ME "
Glenn Beck

"Tyranny will Come to Your Door in a Uniform "
Alex Jones

"The Government is not The Solution to our Problems , The Government is The Problem "

Ronald Reagan

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." Plato

The world is a tragedy to those that feel, and a comedy to those that think...Beppe Grillo

"The people should not fear the government for it is the government who should fear the people" UNKNOWN

"If You are looking for solutions to the world's problems , look in the Mirror , You Are The Solution , You have the power as a human being on this planet " UNKNOWN

"They don't control us , We empower them " UNKNOWN

"Serial Killers do on a Small Scale What Governments do on a large one..."

Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

There is a Class War going on in America, & unfortunately, my class is winning." Warren Buffet

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Thomas Jefferson

"College is a waste of Money"
Albert Einstein

Schools manufacture people who think that they're smart but they're not.
Robert Kiyosaki

Education is what you learn after you leave School
Robert Kiyosaki

" ‏Schools were designed to create employees for the big corporations."
Robert Kiyosaki

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is obligated to do so" Thomas Jefferson

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism
Thomas Jefferson

“True education makes you feel stupid. It makes you realize you have so much more to learn.” Robert Kiyosaki

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching." - Gerard Way

"Aspire not to have More but to be More "

The losers in life think they have all the answers. They can’t learn because they’re too busy telling everyone what they know.
Robert T. Kiyosaki ‏

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. -This time more intelligently." Henry Ford

What You Own Owns You

If you expect the government to solve your problems, you have a problem. Robert Kiyosaki

"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security." Benjamin Franklin

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Always trust someone who is seeking the truth , never trust someone who found it" Jordan Maxwell

Be The Change you want to see in The World

Failure inspires winners but defeats losers
Robert Kiyosaki ‏

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” A Chinese Proverb

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me." UNKNOWN

Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Morpheus The Matrix 1999